Sol: family, mormon, genealogy, profesionist, mother, music, Mormon.

Hi I'm Sol

About Me

I´m mother, dentist and I love music and painting

Why I am a Mormon

Because my Mom was having the value to go to the missionarys and ask them what they were teaching insted of just follow what the people say about the mormons. In all this time I can see that was the best for our family. I testify that the problems are not different what others have but the way to see them and go through is really different because I know that our Heavenly Father helps me and our brother Jesus gives his life for us, we have the opportunity to be with them again if we follow his teachings

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

When I was kid and start to know about the church the missionary tell us to read the book of Mormon and I can really testify that I did and I feel inside my hearth that is true and as well I saw how some things start to change in my life for better. He don´t live us here without the tools to be aware or prepare for the problems or things that we need to live in this place.

How I live my faith

My family is pioneer of the church in this town, right now I am serving helping others with their genealogy and is really amazing, love to work in this because is really beautiful know that we can be together forever