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Hi I'm Jennifer Steen Wendorf

I'm a Navy Vet. A mother. A student. An author. A mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma which is a suburb of Tulsa. As a teen I was heavily involved in drama and band. I played percussion in high school and continue to perform, on the Marimba for church events. After high school I joined the Navy and served our nation during the years right after 9/11. I'm very proud that I served with my generation of service members. We had the lucky privileged to defend our nation during a time of uncertainty. Later I married, and I now stay home with our three lovely children. I'm pursuing an on-line BA in Creative Writing and have published two short stories. During my stent in the Navy and my husband's schooling we have moved and lived all over the US. Monterrey California, San Angelo Texas, Augusta Georgia, State College Pennsylvania, and now we live in Austin Texas. I have loved every place I've lived. I've come to know that good people are everywhere. I'm privileged to have many close friends scattered all over the world.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was eighteen I lost a loved one. It was a very striking incident for me. I had been raised as a Christian but had questioned that faith many times as a teenager. Then suddenly I found myself wondering if I would see this person in heaven. I found myself begging for this person's salvation - even though I had always believed that after death there was no hope for a person. I prayed a lot and during one prayer, I felt a distinct answer, "Do what I tell you to do, and everything will be okay." This alarmed me. I didn't know what I could possibly do to make things alright. I prayed again. In my timid way I said, "Okay God, I will do it. Whatever it is, I'll go. If you tell me in a very clear way, then I will do whatever it is." That second the phone rang. I answered, and it was the Navy recruiters. I didn't know how it connected, but in two weeks I went to Navy boot camp. A year passed. Then I met Becky. She was going through the same training as me, and we had a lot in common. I didn't have a certain church at the time. I had issues with organized religion. As a teenager I had studied many different faiths, including Wiccan. But because of the answers I'd been given I knew that Christ was real, and that it was him who was guiding me. I tried being a "Christian". I tried on a different church each Sunday and even paid an honest tithe wherever I went. Then Becky told me she was mormon, and I was curious. I asked to go to church with her. There the missionaries asked to teach me and I agreed. I agreed to come the next Sunday because I liked talking to them. They eventually taught me about temples, and how we do saving ordinances for our deceased ancestors there. It was then that I knew the Church was true. It took the Lord a year to answer my prayer, but it was like a light went on. Also, I got all of the blessings of membership in the church because I was willing to give my life up to do this service for my family member.

How I live my faith

I've had many fulfilling callings in the Church. One thing I love about the Church is that each person is given a chance to serve, and be a team member. I've moved a lot. Some of my callings have been visible, and many not so visible. Some of my favorite callings have been the less visible ones. I currently serve in our children's classes using music to instruct the children in the gospel. I love this calling because music is the absolute best way to instruct children. I learn so much myself from the lyrics, and being a convert, this is important. I feel like we are learning the songs together. They are sharing their primary experience with me, because I never sang these songs as a child. Another part of my calling is that I get to go and sing songs with the nursery children. These precious little ones are so tender, and the songs are a wonderful way to help them feel and understand God's love for the very first time. Of course, we all go through struggles in our life, and sometimes, when I've had a particularly hard week, I feel like walking into that nursery room and singing those songs to them is like stepping close to Heaven. That room and those songs feel so sacred to me. Those innocent little spirits, and hearing them find the joy of music (sometimes by simply clapping or babbling along) is so special. It's like God's immense love for them comes down through me and then to them. They constantly teach me how wonderful it is to know, and to be full of God's love.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

Jennifer Steen Wendorf
I personally love the Church's doctrines about the family. It's well rounded. Some people think it's all or nothing. Either you are very traditionally minded (men are the big cheese and women are subservient) or you are liberal and think nearly anything goes. Well, the Church is clear about the importance of both men and women's roles with regard to the family. Men preside over the home in love and righteousness. They should listen to and honor their wives. The women are taught to support their husbands as the presiding priesthood holder, but they are supposed to assist them in carrying out that function. Women also receive special blessings to carry out their role as mothers. Women also have the task of nurturing all of God's children in whatever educational or professional goals they pursue. The women's first and foremost task is to be the defender of the home and family, and their role in doing this is revered, not minimized in the Latter-day Saint faith. Show more Show less