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Hi I'm emily

I love traveling the world, I'm a quirky person, and did i mention I'm a Mormon?

About Me

Hello, well I'm currently finishing up my last two years of high school. While going there I'm going to a trade school for baking. After I'm done with that i will attending a community college attempting to become a writer. when i reach the age 21 i plan to go on a mission to serve the lord. I'm a very independent girl. i grew up with two brothers and no sisters. i had to fight for what i wanted. i really have no idea what to write about my self on... um.. i sing i draw, i cook, i bake, i don't do high school sports. but i will be joining track this next spring, i have traveled around almost the whole world. i am from Arizona. i love doing everything! i currently have a brother on a mission. and the other brother has gone inactive.

Why I am a Mormon

When i was ten i made a promise to myself That i was going to rebel against everything LDS people taught me. I believed that i was brain washed.When i was 14 a close friend of mine passed away from unknown causes. it was hard for me to deal with. This is the part where i explain how everything happened: it was the day after school ended. He was at a party celebrating. He wasn't drinking nor doing drugs. He just laid down and stopped breathing. stop breathing long enough that when they finally got him to the hospital after 20min. The doctors said that he will be brain dead and they have no idea how long he will be in the coma. i was just about to leave for girls camp when this all happened. I freaked out and panic. This boy i look up to as a brother. Same age as i, lying in a hospital bed. i cried openly. The brother that would usually help me through pain and struggle had just left for his mission a month back. The other brother is never home enough to care. My father did nothing. I ask my dad for a father blessing (not knowing what else to do) instead of receiving something that could of helped me he decided to watch t.v. I was trapped. W didn't know what else to do. No one could help me, no one could tell me everything was alright. i knew it wasn't. While i was wrapped up in my blankets sobbing in questions to know why or how to even handle this sadness i started to pray. i went to the hospital the next day to see him. He was so hopelessly laying there with tubes coming out of him to keep him alive. i asked everyone that was there if i could have a moment alone with him. As brief and simple i explained the plan of salvation to him. I had to leave to girls camp not knowing what would ever to happen to him during that time. I came back finding the news they pulled the plug that Friday night. I stayed in bed all that day. When i woke up Sunday i was crying. i have had a dream where he came to me and thanked me. That is when i knew the church was true!

How I live my faith

I do all that i can to live this faith as righteous as possible. I would like to say i have great righteous friends by my side everyday but i cant. I have a few and i love them very dearly and the example they give to me. Even if they are younger! I go to church willing, i was the president of all the classes i have been in and now i am the secretary in the laurel class. I speak my mind when it is need. I pray often. I thank the lord everyday for the things i have. I'm blessed to be whole i am. I do not steady date. i try my best to be a righteous young women of god. so That one day I will be worthy to marry a boy that belongs to the church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints.