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Hi I'm MJ

I was raised in Mexico, move to the USA when I was 11. I love knowing I am a Child of God and joyful to be a "mormon"

About Me

Hello, I am often described as a "too positive" individual by friends and non-friends as well. I enjoy life at good and bad times...even though the bad ones get more painful everytime. I like to think of everything as part of your progress...there's the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" I am definitely agreeing with that, mostly because of my life experiences...after all I am still here and I have more to watch out for and to live for. I consider myself outgoing enough...love camping, anything that has to do with nature, especially the ocean. Dolphins are the best creatures in teh world so you know ;) I like going to the movies, i like dancing and I sing...when I am either in the shower or in my car (by myself).. I love children so I care for them for a living (I'm a an Early Childhood Educator)...they make my day, especially my nieces-I have 3 and they are my world. I look forward to becoming a Registered Nurse and yes, I will still be working with children because I'll be looking into Pediatrics...can't seem to get tired of munchkins hehehe. I like educating myself in whatever is available to me, there's always something new to learn even when you think that you know just about everything either about a certain topic or a certain someone...LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES!!! I don't mind taking a risk or two; I love roller coasters and I dream of traveling to many places some day. Did I mention the most important thing in my life? My FAMILY...they are my motor.

Why I am a Mormon

I was the first member of my generation and actually of all generations of both sides of my family to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It happened when I was 16 years old. As a child, I was raised a believer. My best spiritual memories as a child are with my grandmother, she and I would pray and her prayers have made a difference in my life. She woul always pray for EVERYONE, even those who were not "nice" to her or our family. I followed after her. I remember going to Mass on Sundays by myself most times becuase my family would not usually go, but i wanted to know more about Him and our purpose in life and what was to come after we died. Yet I could never feel spiritually satisfied. Time passed by and I have always believed. When I moved to Washington, I became acquainted with members of the Church and I was introduced to the Sister Missionaries. I will forever hold to this...I finally felt satisfied after all those years of my childhood and preteens wondering and questioning. Questions were answered with what actually made sense to me, and those that didn't always just felt right. I loved the fact that I was actually being taught and I was definitely feeling closer to Him, and I was gaining knowledge about His life and my life. I decided to get baptized and I eagerly looked forward to living my life holding His hand. It amazed how much Our Heavenly Father loves His children to remember us...his people on this continent and not only where Jesus was from. I learned about Prophets and Apostles. I read The Book of Mormon and prayed about it and I know that there is not a possibility that it is a lie...no man on Earth could ever come up with so much beauty and hope as the prophets who speak in the Book and no man could ever make up such translation like Joseph Smith at such young age. I know that what we believe in is true and anyone who faithfully prays about it will know this too. I say this in the name if Jesus Christ.Amen

How I live my faith

Even before I got baptized, I loved "serving" others. One of my hobbies and satisfactions in life is helping someone in need or someone who is not in as much need too. At the age of 18, I got assigned as what we called "Visiting Teacher" where we shared one message a month to different woman of our church. I loved it! I have been called to serve in the Primary Organization (so with kids) as Counselor, and as Teacher as well. I have also been called to serve in an Organization we call "Relief Society" which is for woman 18 and older, also as Teacher, Secretary, and Counselor. It has been challenging but worth every minute of it when I have a calling. To be honest, I feel a little empty when I don't have one. Right now, I am a teacher for "Relief Society". I do also find myself helping with events at times.