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Hi I'm Meesa Andelin

I live in Renton, WA. I am baker, taxi driver, maid, first aid provider, recess supervisor, and tutor. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married to a guy I met the first month of college at Rick's College (yes, that dates me :), now it's called BYU Idaho) and now we are happy parents of 4 kids. We have a senior, sophmore, 8th grader, and 4th grader. One boy and three girls!! Definately makes for a busy life, but I love it! I am the 2nd oldest of 7 children so that's probably a lot of the reason that I'm ok with chaos and busy schedules. I work as a paraeducator at the elementary school that my kids went/go to. My responsibilities there are recess supervisor, cafeteria supervisor, and small groups of reading and math tutor. I love my job! The kids in the neighborhood and community make my heart smile and sometimes, makes my heart heavy when I learn about some of their home lives. If I can help them feel loved or smile each day at school, then I feel like I've succeeded. Some of my hobbies....I love to bake, bake cookies and treats! It brings me so much joy to see people thrilled when treats show up at work, at home after school, or on their doorsteps. I also love working with the youth at church! Service projects are a very satisfying activity that strengthens my love for our community. Hikes and walking along a rocky beach, just the best! Sometimes I just enjoy heading downtown to watch people. On a beautiful day you can see all kinds of people, all walks of life. It's so fun to just watch people enjoy life. And I love my family. Family is the most important thing in our lives I believe.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to have been born into a family that were already members of the church. But that doesn't mean that I didn't have to gain a testimony of the truthfullness on my own. Of course, growing up, I'm sure I mostly went to church because that just what you do. But as I became an older teenager and especially once I was on my own at college, I realized that I couldn't rely on what my parents believed. I needed to know for myself. So I really started paying attention in Sunday School classes and other meetings. Really started having sincere prayers with my Heavenly Father about things like the Book of Mormon. And my own testimony started to grow. I have to say, that the biggest component to me knowing that this church is Christ church is prayer. Without that, you just can't know. You need that relationship with someone to know if your relationship with that person is a good one or not. I'm a huge believer that if you want to learn about something, you have to go to the true source. I soon chose to serve a mission for the church (went to Minneapolis, Minnesota) and that experience further engraved my testimony into my heart. As the years have gone on and I've learned of the organization in the beginning and currently, life doesn't make sense to me any other way.

How I live my faith

I think living our faith is in everything we do, everyday. I believe that I live my faith by being a good wife and mother. I try to do the best to be patient and loving when "running" the home. I try to be supportive of my husband with his callings and his work schedule. It's a blessing to have a wonderful husband and our children are blessings from God. They aren't my children, they are His and I have the responsibility to love and teach them as He would. Do I fall short at times? Sure, who doesn't. But by going to church each week, my battery is re-charged and I'm filled with more knowledge of how to keep pressing forwrad and do better. I also feel that in the community, by being a good employee, I am living my faith. I try to be honest in my dealings with my co-workers and supportive to my employer (my principal) in what she asks of me. It's a great opportunity to be out in the community and involved and be a good example of what a Latter-day Saint is like. My true joy right now in the church is magnifying my current calling! I've been blessed to be able to work with the youth, specifically the young women 12-18 years old. I've been a Young Womens Camp director for the last 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and serving those young ladies. I now am working as a Young Womens president over several congregations. With this I get to work with their leaders and putting together activities that will help the youth know that they are a child of God, that He loves them, how they can feel the holy spirit, and teaching them leadership skills that they will be able to use one day. They are our future mothers, fathers, community leaders and church leaders. Am I perfect? Of course not! Do I try to do the best I can each day? Yes. And being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps me to do that and helps try to live my faith each day.