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Hi I'm Kelly Darold Hessel

I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints during 1979 in The Arkansas Ozarks.

About Me

I am a Steamfitter, or known commonly as a Pipe-fitter by Trade. I have been: a Plant Manager, a Plant Engineer, A Director of Engineering, a Clerk at the Texaco Star Mart, a Busboy, a Service Manager for HVAC companies, A Fire Tower Watchman, schlep labor and Dirt Poor in the Ozarks. I make a reasonable living today and our 6 children, all girls, are out of the nest, well mostly, they do fly home on ocassion for support, recovery from life in this hard world, or just safe-haven. I was raised in what would be considered a Christian home though we stopped attending church when I was just a lad of about 6. I remember no cars in the lot as we had returned from vacation in Oklahoma visiting family, and the preacher said something to my parents and we left, never to return to church. My best friend next door would drag me along to bible-school and later church as a teen, to a Commission Baptist Church. It was good for my understanding of religion. I developed a hatred for those who would take advantage of others, especially through religious means. I became an Anti-Religionist and would contend with one selling religion. Now, somewhat, it is to my shame, as I understand their commitment and I respect that fervant commitment to a belief in the truth they have discovered. Regardless of their being Krishna, Budist, Bahai, Rosecruscian, Mason or whatever sect wherein they choose to seek light in Spirituality. As we travel a path, we all seek greater light knowledge and understanding.

Why I am a Mormon

Simply put, I found The LDS Church to be the Physical Representation of the Spiritual Manisfestation of Christ's Church on the Earth Today. I felt it did not exist on Earth any longer. The Morman religion calls it the Great Apostasy, Most Christian religions call it lost revelation, as if a loving Heavenly Father would lock his children in the closet in the Dark! I found seeking greater light, that most religions have an element of Truth and that is what they propound. I found through personal experience I knew a few Universal Principles to be True. I would say when I found one, "It has the ring of Truth." and factually stated I could sense the degree of truth personally. I later learned this to be called Personal Revelation. I gathered my truths and kept them in my heart to use when discussing religion with whoever would seek me out for religious discussion. I was scripturally well enough read and memorized, that Christians would find me a difficult person. I came to know that I was a Child of God, so it occurred to me, what would I be when I grow up. I love People and I want to help them. I don't feel it is right to live off of religion, I feel it is deceptive. I felt for a long time that I personally had a calling to serve God. It took a long time to decide that he is not one person but three separate distinct persons. Why would someone pray to themselves? Logic defies some of the principles I had been taught. God became a personable being to me, Jesus Christ is my Elder Brother, I knew this in my Heart of Hearts, in my very being. Many attack the concept that you can know such a thing, saying you only believe it. They are wrong. The demeaning attacks against personal revelation must be subdued. That is done with a stout heart, true conviction and Testimony that is personally. They can accept or reject it, It is their moral decision Personally and I have the same God Given Right to choose and I have chosen.

How I live my faith

God is my Father, Jesus my Brother and teacher, The Spirit guides me through revelation. I am nobody from nowhere. I have had titles at work and in the community and they mean nothing. Often I loose my way and have to consciously return to what I have learned are good and true principles wherein to govern my life. I do my best to be perfectly honest with those in this world, but I ain't perfect. As I am a being that is a work in progress, I make blunders like everyone. The trick is to use the principles I have been taught to make life better all around me. I get mad and frustrated as much as the next person and I can only improve on life one step at a time, Like Bob said "baby steps". So what do I do? I have returned to my first best destiny and I am a Pipefitter, installing HVAC equipment and Boilers. As a Service Manager, more like a slave, my responsibility is not just to a company but more to the guys who I bid and get work for, to help them support their families in a decent fashion. I teach Apprentices Twice a week at night. I am on our local MNC Board and rable rouse for the sake of the residents as often persons in positions of authority loose sight of why they are put in such a position. I have had lost of callings at Church and they are all challenging to my personal growth, from teaching Blazer B boys at sunday school and taking them on their first overnight camp-out Hike, to having responsibility working with those who are not as well off as I, and struggling in life's ocean. Working within the Church Welfare system is humbling and exasperating, as well as rewarding. To have the opportunity to serve your Human Family and uplift them from poor circumstances offers a personal reward worth many sacrifices... I found the greatest truth I know, the Gospel of Jesus Christ on this Earth, in a Teepee in a pasture in the Ozarks. Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith is Prophet for our Eternal Father... You choose your potential, what will you be when you grow up?

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Kelly Darold Hessel
You discover this for yourself! I learned it before ever being taught this by Missionaries. As they mentioned it, I recall saying something such as "So what else is new?" Using logical deduction and simple research there is obvious remarks commonly made by the ancients in America and it is obvious to me, the theories of Science are skewed in favor of a popular religious philosophy called Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Yet Science continues to expose truths about Ancient Civilizations that when the facts are observed one can easily determine the peoples on the American Continents had contact with the Eastern continents much earlier than presupposed by commonly taught by contemporary Scientific Theories. Look and you will find outlandish references among some Indians to Asia and in Tibet they refer to their brethern in the West. Find for yourself, the truth lurks around corners when it is hidden. Show more Show less