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Hi I'm Kris

I'm a Canadian that grew up in the US. I'm fourth out of nine and have a rock band with my siblings. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Last year I graduated from college in biology and at the same time signed a record deal with an indie label based out of Hawaii. Since then I have done odds and ends, 10-15 dollar an hour jobs, in order to subside while remaining free to pursue musical opportunities. We have made money off the music but try to pump as much as possible back into the band so sadly I can't live off of the music right now :). The band is made up of me and from three to five of my siblings, depending on who is in town at any given moment. We all sing so it makes for fairly harmonic music. When I'm not working or working on music I love to create. I spend a ton of time designing and producing clothing, lots of wild stuff that you wouldn't wear out but that is interesting and fun none the less. I like to paint, mostly on large scale with large utensils, for instance recently I've been dying stucco and knifing it on burlap. I'm also in the process of building a wood burning brick oven and love to cook. Oh and I design living spaces non stop; maybe some day I'll be lucky enough to build one of them. I'm in the middle of a family of 9 kids. I had three older siblings known as "the big kids", I was the oldest of a string of 5 boys known as "the little boys" and then we got a little sister to teach us not to be such rude little boys. As I grew up my family lived in nine different places in the US and Canada. I was lucky to have so many great siblings because I'm sure it made the moving a lot easier.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were both Mormon when they met. They were married in the Temple and I grew up understanding that God had given our family a blessing to be together after this life and forever. My mom filled our home with wholesomeness and peace and my Dad led us daily in family scripture study and prayer. I learned from the scriptures and by the spirit that Jesus loved me. When I was baptized at age eight I understood that I had lived with God before this life, that in this life I was being tested, and that through baptism I was committing to follow Christ so He could cleanse me of my sins, lead me back to God's presence and give me great gifts. Once when my older sister came back from her freshman year at college she asked if we could hold a family testimony meeting during our weekly family night. Each person stood up and shared with the others things that they knew were true about Christ and His teachings. My sister led the way in being more open, sincere and trusting than we might have otherwise been and it became a very special spiritual experience. God seemed to touch our hearts. He filled every one of us with an overwhelming sense of His love for us and He opened our understandings so that we had a clear knowledge of the truth of what our siblings or parents were telling us. I could sense the rightness and the eternal truth of it. I've had other experiences like this before and after but this was one of the more powerful and one of my most treasured. God leads us and keeps us in the right way through prophets that He speaks to. In the early 1800's He used Joseph Smith as a restorative prophet, like Moses, after a period with no prophets. That restoration has been maintained and today Thomas Monson is God's prophet. I know this because, like at that family testimony meeting, the Spirit of God has cleared my mind and filled me with a surety of it's truth. The Spirit of God will show truth to anyone that sincerely seeks and has led me to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

In my church, I help organize activities for congregations of young single people like myself- think college age/young professionals. Sometimes we do community service projects and sometimes we throw big barbecues. It's really good for us to have a sense of community and to make friends with others in similar situations. Sometimes life is hard and frustrating and it's good to have friends around that help us keep positive outlooks and make good decisions. I have a lot of fun doing it. It feels really good helping those around me and double good when I'm helping those around me feel good about helping their community. Also, as all members of the church do, I take special care of a few people in the congregation I go to. I make sure they are doing alright in life, that all of their needs are taken care of. I discuss the gospel with them and try to convey God's love for them. I feel really lucky to be able to do this because they have become close friends and big supports in my life. In my band we try to promote good living. People are surrounded by conflicting ideas about what kind of life will make them happy. God wants us to be happy. Christ's teachings are the summation of what will bring us happiness. His teachings don't change. They are eternally true and anything that leads us away from them leads us away from happiness. False yet sometimes convincing ideas permeate much of the media we take in making it hard to keep a handle on what's right and what's wrong. Sometimes I find myself reaching for happiness and grasping at the wrong things and I realize if I wasn't being bombarded with false info it would be much easier to reach for the right things. As we write our music we make an effort to add a little more truth to the media mix of the world and that makes creation of music much more rewarding for me.

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Jesus Christ is the son of God and has the same attributes as God- i.e. all knowing, all powerful, full of love, and fully invested in our well being. We, as spirits, lived with God and Christ before the Universe was created. Under the direction of God, Christ created the Universe. God sends us here to gain bodies and to learn and grow. While here we all break the moral code that God lives by making us unworthy to return to live with God and unable to gain perfect happiness. Christ came to earth about 2000 years ago, as recorded in the New Testament of the Bible, and suffered the punishment for all of our infractions of God's moral code so we can return to live with God and gain perfect happiness. In order to be pardoned for our infractions we must become followers of Christ. When Christ was on the Earth He taught us how to follow Him. Before and after His time on earth he has used messengers, prophets, to convey His teachings to us. Living His teachings will make us happier in life and after. Jesus Christ loves every person regardless of how far from God's law they are and wants every person to turn to Him so He can cleanse them of their guilt and teach them how to live happily. Also Christ has given the gift of resurrection to everyone; even though we lose our bodies and become spirits again when we die, we will later regain our bodies in an immortal format that we will keep forever. Show more Show less