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Hi I'm Pawnii Duncan

I grew up in Arizona. I'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a spirit daughter of God. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have many interests and therefore many goals. If I could continue going to school for the rest of my life I would. I love learning languages, cultures, and getting to know people from every walk of life. I grew up submersed in sports. My dad is a Vietnam veteran who taught me that even enemies are people - people who have families, who have dreams, and who are probably just as scared as you are. One of my children is autistic and another has ADHD. Compassion is now a power I command. I recognize that it's easy to judge because it's our human habit and need to understand a situation or reason why. In consequence I am humbled and grateful that the only person who's judgement I will have to endure is the one who knows my heart, Jesus Christ. I am constantly struggling to maintain a spiritual perspective of mortal ambition verses immortal potential. But the one thing I love most in this world is my family. I am surrounded by an amazing collection of souls who teach me every day just how easy it is to love.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe with all my heart that this is the same church Christ organized during his earthly ministry. I believe that God has not ceased to communicate with man. We are his children. When does a father stop talking to his children? I have felt the Holy Ghost impress peace upon my heart and I have chosen to never forget it or discount it. I have tasted the bitterness and guilt of sin and experienced the miraculous gift and freedom of forgiveness. Growing up I watched my friends with the choices they made and the consequences that followed. There was no striking down with lightening, no instantaneous judgement and punishment, nothing but the consequences I was always taught to be just the simple, natural reaction to spiritual rebellion. Wickedness is never happiness. I don't see God's commandments as inflictions of restrictions. I see them as loving guidance by a father who already knows the perils we will experience in everyday life, who personally knows our enemy and his tactics, and desires to protect us from the painful missteps we have tendancies, and even desires, to make. And then going beyond that, has prepared a way, even before we came to this earth, for us to be given mercy even though justice has to be paid. There is always a consequence. It cannot be escaped. And justice must always be paid. But because of a loving brother, who spent his entire life setting the example we needed and then giving his life in an atonement through which justice would be paid and yet mercy granted to any who would just confess what they did, feel true remorse (not just sorry they got caught), and who would make restoration to the best of their ability, we might still enjoy the peace and unconditional love only our Father in Heaven can give and allow us to return to his presence. I have a testimony of God's temples, that any who choose to live by God's standards can take their family to be sealed together for this life and for eternety.

How I live my faith

The best way I can live my faith is by setting an example to my children. "No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home". My children is where I find my greatest happiness. Their happiness is everything to me. If they are not happy it is impossible for me to be happy. And the best way to ensure their continued happiness is by teaching them where they will find the purest, toughest happiness this life has to offer. Happiness in the gospel will out last, out play, out run, and beat out any other source of happiness. It will because it isn't dependant on the finite things of this earth. It comes from the infinite love of God. Infinite - never ending. Motherhood is the ultimate of life's callings. The responsibility is awesome in its perspective. My duty to teach my children who they are (children of God) and to behave accordingly (dress modestly, walk humbly, speak respecfully, behave honestly), to love others because they, too, are children of God is something I take great pleasure in. I live my faith by spreading happiness and peace through my and my children's interractions with others.