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Hi I'm Lani

I'm an RN, a wife, a mother of 7, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a Mormon family that valued family time. I spent a lot of time with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We had a family farm where I learned to work and play and dance and sing, and I learned to find joy in all of these things because they were so wholesome and uplifting. I excelled in school, and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Brigham Young University nursing program. I was encouraged to further my education and make use of my mind. I felt a lot of pressure to go to graduate school, and then to work as my husband did his graduate studies. However, I knew in my heart that my bright mind and my great potential would be best fulfilled as a mother. And so, I have seven children and they consume much of my time and energy. When I get spare time I love to read, especially things that educate me and open my eyes to the world. I love to dance, to sing, I have enjoyed writing and directing plays, I love to entertain people, although I wouldn't say I have much talent in any of these areas. I love photography, still and moving, and video-editing. I especially love making videos of my family. I like to sew, and garden and my weirdest like is accounting; I like accounting our family finances (weird, I know.) I usually like almost anything I try, and I like trying new things. I haven't done any thing amazing in the world's eyes, but I know that being a mom, and being a good one, will one day be amazing to me, to my posterity, and to my God.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I was raised in a Mormon family, and there I gained my testimony. My family was very dedicated and faithful and I had so many amazing examples of faith around me. I certainly have had my faith tested through my life, and I have been forced to return to God and ask many times for reassurance and assistance in my life as I face doubt and discouragement. Every time I turn to the Lord, he responds with answers and reassurance and personal revelation to me that this is His church on the earth. I often have wondered why more people are not part of this church, or why He can't do something to make more people believe or to show them the true way. He has always let me know that He is very aware of the circumstance of every single one of His children, and each is on this earth to progress and he will give them truth as quickly as they are ready to receive it. I feel so blessed to have this church in my life. I am becoming a better person than I ever would have otherwise, and I am offered more joy and happiness than I could even imagine anywhere else. But besides the joy and happiness that comes from living the principles of the gospel we learn in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, God has allowed me to know that this is His church. This is the Kingdom of God on the earth. Through sacred experiences I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, given to and translated by prophets. I know we have a prophet on the earth today and that he receives revelation for the world. I am a very logical, intellectual person, and I know these things are true both in my mind and in my spirit. Lastly, I believe in Jesus Christ. I know he loves me and wants me to come closer to him. I know this and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is just that--the church of Jesus Christ--the same church he set up when he lived 2000 years ago. I also know that anyone can know these same truths.

How I live my faith

Well, the first way I live my faith is by trying to be a good and righteous wife and mother. I know I am not perfect by I do my best, and the things I have learned in the church have increased my abilities tenfold. I also live my faith by serving in my church. I have done a variety of things, from teaching our nursery children songs to being the president of the women's organization in our local congregation. I currently work with the 8-year-old cub scouts, and I love it! To be honest, I am naturally a selfish wicked person. But "living my faith" totally changes me. I still have so many selfish tendencies, but my knowledge of God and His awareness of me helps me to overcome those tendencies and try to live the way I know he wants me to. I had a very powerful experience at a very difficult time in my life during which God humbled me with difficulty, and then pulled me up and showed me how very much he loved me. He melted my hard heart and allowed me to feel His love. Once I felt His love I was able to love others so much better. As a mother of 7 in today's world, it is easy to become discouraged. Life is hard, and I don't quite fit into society. But my faith lifts me above thoughts of rejection and isolation. My faith helps me to smile and laugh when my son throws food all over the carpet, or makes another hole in the wall, or destroys a once-clean room. My faith allows me to hear the whisperings God puts in my heart over the loud din of my growing family. Finally, I live my faith by being an honest and upstanding citizen in society, and I wish more people did this. I still believe in God's moral laws and I live my life accordingly. I know I am a better person because of my faith, and the more I live it the better I and my family and my community become.