What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Devon

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints

About Me

First and foremost I am a Father of a little girl who means the world to me. Regretably she is part of a split family. The divorce was recent and expensive so I now live with my parents as I go to full time work to pay off debts, go to school, take care of my daughter, and strive to help her feel secure in the love that all members of her family have for her. In the meantime there are still several younger siblings that live with my parents still going to school or preparing in other ways for life. It is a delight to be able to spend so much time with them again. Though, I look forward to the day that my life is more independant again.

Why I am a Mormon

I can't explain it all in a few paragraphs, but I was born into a Later-day Saint family, and as I grew to understand the principles that the church taught and I followed them, I found great value in the things that I learned. While growing up I found that the church provided guidance in how to deal with challenges such as insecurity, hurt, resentment, bewilderment, etc. It was more than just a sense of Identity and stability for myself. It was also a veiw of who everyone around me was, including the ones that were much different than I in belief attitude and lifestyle. We are all related and loved by our God and Father. I noticed that following what the church taught to families (going to church weekly together, eating meals together, reading scripture and praying together, and trying to be a good example to eachother and patient with one another), that my father's family stayed close together and were protected from getting into lifestyles that might cause them pain. It's neet to see my siblings so close to eachother while still having friendships with others both in and out of our faith and obtaining goals in education, recreation, work, and service. I hope to have the same blessings for my daughter. As far as being an adult goes, there have been some setbacks and dissapointments, lots of pressures, but when I get discouraged I am often strengthened by the vission that I began learning in my youth, and the faith has kept me going. I know that Jesus went through great struggles, and yet overcame them through love. And as he salvaged the lives of millions because of what he did, even after he was killed and betrayed, if we trust in his love he can give us guidance that can allow our sacrifices and lives to be worth something.

How I live my faith

Our church has many oppertunities for everyone to play an active part. I am part of a program that allows me to go out every month and visit members of our church and give them spiritual messages and see if there are needs in their homes that members of the church including myself might be able to help out with. I am going to a church group of all single people right now. I was recently called as part of an activities commitee. I haven't had much experience with planning things for large groups before, so this should be exciting and a good learning opportunity for me. As you might learn from others on this cite our church doesn't have any paid clergy. About everythng done in our buildings is just done by normal people that go to church. So in the past I have taught children, helped with a church-ran scouting progam, taught adult classes, given talks, helped clean the building, and several other things. My favorite, even though it was by far the scariest, was teaching the young children. Not only did that one fill me with lots of emotion, but I believe that that experience will help me in my job that I have at home as a father. Oh, you might have seen those guys that go about with white shirts and ties on bicycles with black name tags. They are part of our church too. They go around teaching people what we believe, and they do it everyday. I was one of those for a little over two years. That was an experience that I will deffinitely keep with me forever. I remember being a little imature when I first went out, but there's something about trying to help others all day long that seemed to help me. A great part of my faith is service. Aside from donations to the cause of service I have enjoyed going out and donating my time to food pantries, elderly clubs, and helping other people in the church move. Eagle Scout programs have also been an oppertunity that I have been able to help with. Once again there are lots of opertunitys to live our faith in this faith.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Grace refers to that which is made possible because Jesus loves us and has loved us so much. In reality this life is a journey of grace. God only created this world because he knew that Jesus would do what he has done to save us from the trouble that we are in. And because of what he did, we can have faith and be helped enough to repent of our sins, be cleansed from them by his spirit, and be forgiven of those sins. We can also be healed from the damage that other people's sins have done to us. We all will live again after we die because of his grace. Latter-day Saints believe that all people who are born on this earth accepted in the spirit world this God-given journey of grace, however we can decide not to follow the plan as we relearn about it, and can reject his grace and seek to find happiness and salvation from our troubles our own way. Those who do this, however, will eventually come to see that they always needed Jesus' grace, and that they loose more than can be told by rejecting it. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Faith is Trust. I wouldn't have learned how to ride a bike without faith in my parent's instructions and their belief that I could do it. I can remember them holding onto the back of my seat and telling me that they wouldn't let me fall, and then telling me to keep peddling after they let go. I have faith in many things including my car to get me to work and the school system to get me were I desire to be in my career. I have faith in doctors to take care of that which physically hurts, but what should we have faith in to get us to the most important places? We as Latter-day Saints declare that the source to have faith in is Jesus Christ. He can lead us to make the most out of this life and to discover why we wanted to be here in the first place, and better than any doctor he can take care of that which hurts in the heart.We can have faith that he has the power and the love to do what he says he will if we stick with him. Faith exists at different levels, and it's not easy to trust in God in every situation at first, but if we choose to keep trusting him our faith gets stronger. When we look back after a hard trial that we've trusted and followed him through we can see that we were helped by him, and see that it was worth it. This can sometimes be a miraculous experience. The ultimate destination that we have faith in Jesus Christ to get us to involves decisions from this life but extends beyond this life into a day when we will only be able to look back at this world. Show more Show less