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Hi I'm Ron

I grew up in Texas and Arizona. I am a convert to the church. Been a member for 33 years now and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am now 58 years old, a father of three wonderful children and a "Papa" to three wonderful grand children. Over the years I have a found a deep love of fishing and cooking and trying to be the best dad and husband I can be. My career path began working drywall construction and somehow ended up in the nuclear power field. I am currently employed at a DOE site and live together with my loving wife of 33 years.

Why I am a Mormon

I had returned to Idaho to work after being discharged from 4 years in the USN. My girlfried was a devout member of the church and lived her religion to the fullest. I stared attending church to apease her and slowing starting getting involved. The missionaries came to see me and started teaching me the lessons at her house with her in attendance. I discussed the church with them, answered their questions and resisted being baptized for some time. I was falling in love with this girl and wanted to marry her. She wanted to marry me also BUT told me she would not marry me unless I joined the church. I told her I would not join the church just to marry her. Thus the stale mate began. I continued listening to the missionaries and continued resisting the invitation to be baptized. Finally one missionary asked me if I had prayed about the church being true, (ie. the Book of Mormon, Joeseph Smith, etc). I told him I had and then he asked me if I had KNELT while praying. I had not. He asked if I would do this and I told him I would that night. So after leaving them, and later my girlfriend, I went home, read a little more of the BOM and then went to bed. I was almost asleep when I remembered what the missionary had asked me to do so I got up and knelt down and prayed once more for an answer to the question, "is all this stuff true". Much to my dismay, I got an immediate feeling inside that it was true and that I needed to be baptized as soon as possible. I was not excited. My entire family, though not attending any church for some time, was against the church and everything it stood for. I knew that if I joined they would have a fit and disown me. The feeling was too strong to ignore and I realized that my eternal progression was more important that what people were going to say about me. I was baptized two days later and have been an active member since that time.

How I live my faith

Since joining the church I have had the opportunity to serve in many callings. I soon got over the fear of speaking in public gatherings as you are required to occaisionally speak in church. I had the opportunity to teach lessons in Sunday School, work with the youth of the church, visit and assist others in the community with moving, welfare assistance, social events and comforting those that stood in need. I have been called to leadership positions in the wards including being a bishop in two differnt wards. I have had the opportunity to be taught by powerful people in the church, both male and female and have learned much from all of them. I went from being a young man with absolutely no direction in life to becoming a person with purpose and have been able to share that with others both in and outside the church. I have used my church experience to help me when coaching and umpiring youth baseball and leading in these organizations. By using the principles I have learned in the church I have been able to become more effective at work, and in teaching youth in sports and other activies. The church as been nothing but good for me. I have been so blessed since the day I was baptized.