Daniel: Mormon.

Hi I'm Daniel

About Me

I grew up in a loving family of 7. I have a mother and a father that really love us. I have 3 brothers and one sister. I am happily in the middle. I graduated in Applied Physics from the University of Utah, and I am now studying Health Physics at another state. I want to work with radiation, a tool that helps us to do much good, but can be harmful if not properly used, like so many other tools. To start my schooling I had to set aside some good situations. I was working as a quality control analyst for a pharmaceutical company, living in a good neighborhood, and having a great time. But, I was also wedged into my comfort zone. You need to set your comfort aside to grow and improve, and I opted to do so to pursue a graduate degree. My hobbies include hiking, reading, cycling, and running. I'm trying to learn to love running, because it's good for you. I've really enjoyed hiking. Since I grew up in Utah I have had access to many trails to explore and enjoy. I also enjoy taking road trips. Over the past few years. I usually try to visit the national parks and important museums and other research areas. I've traveled up the west coast, up to Glacier National Park, and out to Rocky Mountain National Park. During these trips I've also visited some fantastic museums and scientific areas. There are so many exciting places and things to discover.

Why I am a Mormon

I am very fortunate and blessed in my life. I was born and raised with the gospel in my life. My parents always loved and helped us. They showed my siblings and myself how to conduct ourselves and a more excellent way to live. We had regular family dinners, family activities, and lots of family support. Their example helped prepare us for the various challenges of life. They also taught us early on to read and enjoy the scriptures. Nearly every evening after eating dinner we would read scriptures together. We also would pray together as a family every evening. My parents would give us a hug every night and tell us that they love us. As a result, I had the scriptures and the words of God's prophets in my life from early on. However, for many words it was not yet my choice to follow the church. There have been many experiences that I've had that made it my choice. One experience that stands out occurred when I was 14 years old. My youth group went on an exciting week long bicycle trek through the back country of southern Utah. We started at the Utah/ Colorado border, and went west until we reached Arches National Park. It was an exceptionally beautiful, and rather tiring trek. When we finally made it to Arches we climbed and played around the park. As the day progressed we found an arch that we could climb. Once we were on top of the arch the view of the landscape opened up before us. We saw storms in the distance, arches in many locations, and other wonders. As I saw this beautiful scenery I realized that there is a God. It wasn't just a thought in my mind. It was a strong feeling also. I knew that what I was feeling was right. That we really do have a Father in Heaven. It was at this point that I really started making my belief my own. Since then I have studied and learned. I now know that God lives, that He calls prophets, and that the key of happiness is in being righteous.

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

Life is a path, or a trail. I really like Robert Frost's poem about two paths in a forest that diverged. It is not a poem with regret, but a statement of how when you make a choice you choose the path you will take. So, when we take the path of right choices we are ready to make more right choices. However, when we make wrong choices, we are on the wrong path, and have to work hard to be able to get back to the right path. If you are on a trail you know that you either need to go back to where you made your wrong choice and start back on the right trail, or bushwhack or cut through the forest to get back to the right path. Unfortunately in life there is no going back. We cannot go to the past, so we must work to get to the right path. So, it helps us by staying on the right path. I also really like the saying sew a thought, reap an action, sew an action, reap a habit, sew a habit, reap a character, sew a character, reap an eternal destiny. By making right choices we develop habits that will continue to help us make more right choices, and by making wrong choices we develop habits of making wrong choices.

How I live my faith

I have had many jobs for the church in my life. I have been a missionary in Central Illinois, I have been a clerk for my local congregation (ward), and I have helped with the family history effort. I am currently in a ward for young single adults at my university. My job for this ward is a group leader for family home evening. Family home evening is a weekly program where families in the church get together and spend time together. Since single adults don't have that they need to get together for these family home evening activities. My job is to help prepare for each week. Usually it involves having someone from my group teach a lesson, say a prayer, and bring a treat for everyone. I also worship at the temple when I can. The temple is a sacred location where we are able to get closer to God. It is one of the most important parts of being a latter day saint. It is here that we help others who have died to receive what is needed for them to be able to be saved. We believe that if a person did not have a chance to learn of Christ and be baptized in this life, that God loves them enough that they have another chance in the next life. So, working and worshiping at the temple is a major part of how I live my faith. I also try to find ways to serve. The church is a very active faith in trying to help the poor and to serve others who need help. We truly believe that it doesn't matter how you talk if you do not go out and apply it. Action is vital. Serving others is everything. And, there are so many who need help, and I have been given much, so I must give.