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Hi I'm Anthony

I am a computer geek, a car nut, a home theater enthusiast, a husband and father, and most importantly I am a child of God.

About Me

Most would call me odd or eccentric. I typically find myself traveling down mental abnormalities of thought that at some point are in need to be restrained in order to bind myself into the social norms of society. Be aware that most of my intentions centers around making others laugh and to gather the satisfaction of seeing you smile. So, if I randomly just jump out and scare you, it is to see your reaction and have a good talk about it later. Typically whatever I touch has to be customized in some way to bleed my undying desire to abstract the norm. Part of my time is spent in the IT environment where I gladly pleasure in diagnosing and customizing machines. This passion eventually led me to a path where I now like to build and customize home theaters. The desire to be around technology all started when I first worked on cars when I was 14 and 15 years young. I have spent time as an instructor for the Boys and Girls club teaching the fundamentals and the physics of Popping and using your body to motion to music. Most importantly, what describes me is at home. I am blessed to have a beautiful home where my wife takes center stage in the ensemble of what is our family. She has given me direction in life and still continues to hold my hand in doing what is right in this world. We struggle to lasso and harness our two amazing and perfect children, Caramel and Rhett, however love them without conditions.

Why I am a Mormon

Being that I am an erratic wind in the weather of life, I have experienced the brutal storms of what occurs when one does not follow the life of the true gospel. Looking back on my life has given me the hindsight to know why and how God was an instrument in my life. At about 19 or 20 years, Heavenly Father played the fiddle what I danced not knowing where i was going. My life started to change and my values were directly aligning with His will. I started dating to marry, swear off cursing, and change my daily activities to things that would pleasure Him most not realizing this is what I needed. This all came to a vertex when meeting my wife, Love hit me like a 40 ton wrecking ball to the head with no recourse for healing. She shared the story of Lehi with me from the Book of Mormon and what it is to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She moved away for a season while I was left alone dealing with enormous phone bills. A fellow member from the Bellevue singles ward named Mike Breese provided fellowship to me in the Church. He was preparing to go on his Mission and help me ride the spiritual roller coaster ride where Heavenly Father took the controls. He baptized me and I grateful he did. Needless to say that I was greatly impressed by the LDS churches members. They seemed amazingly fundamental of what rings to be true in life. At a certain point I was convinced that church members were acting the part of generosity, humility and service. I later learned that this is not an act. When one strives to set the example of heavenly attributes, it changes one's life. This is clearly seen through its members. Even though church members are in no way perfect, I believe they continue to sew the fabric of a blanket that provides warmth and love for the whole world.

How I live my faith

Our church has callings. This is a placeholder within a ward where a member builds and grows talents to service other ward members or anyone of another faith. Luckily, I have one of the best callings that Heavenly Father could have sent down the Priesthood pipeline (Just about everything works by the power of the Priesthood). I work with the young men in our ward, specifically the Teachers and Priests (12-18ish). Seeing these young men in our ward makes me realize the teenager I should have been when I was young. Their lives are filled with humility, love, respect, strength and honor. Would you ever guess this would come from youth? I get to see them exercise their priesthood duties and be in the Boy Scouts of America. I am very thankful working with these young men because they continue to teach me what qualities are needed to be a man. I know what improvements I can make it my life, and the goal of this mortal life is to improve upon them so we can obtain freedom here and the hereafter. Anything that Lucifer or the devil would desire is against God. Therefore the attributes that Heavenly Father would want us to obtain are things that give us joy and love in our lives. True freedom is to be void of the things that are negative and hateful in this life. It is my mission in this life to do the daily activities in life but do them as Heavenly Father would want them done.