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Hi I'm Crystal

I'm a student. I'm a Biologist. I'm a future physical therapist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a student studying to become a physical therapist. I'm the only Mormon graduate student at my university. Though at first, this was daunting, it has proven to be a great experience for me and for those around me. I have developed an even stronger testimony of the Church while living as an example of Latter-day Saints. I hope that I leave a good impression on those around me. For many people at my school, I am the first contact they have with the Church! It is exciting to be able to introduce others to my belief and answer their questions and queries. I come from a loving family that taught me true principles while I was growing up and supported me in all my endeavors. I am still very close with my family members. We have all gone our separate ways but maintain our solid relationships. I am engaged to a wonderful man and we will be getting married in December in the temple! I feel very blessed to have him in my life and I am honored that both of us are worthy to go through the temple. I am excited to begin our eternal family.

Why I am a Mormon

First off, I was raised in the Church. For most of my childhood, I went to church for the social aspect and because my parents expected me to go. When I got into high school, I began to question my actions... why was I going to church? Did I truly believe? Did I have a testimony of modern-day prophets? Did I believe the Book of Mormon and the Bible to be the word of God? I began to more earnestly listen to what my Sunday School teachers were teaching. I read the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I prayed sincerely and waited for answers. I tried to listen to the Spirit to see if things really worked as I had been told they would when I put in the effort. Many small "ah-ha" moments and feelings of comfort and peace throughout that time of searching reinforced the small testimony I already had from my youth. Since then, I still question my beliefs on a regular basis. I try to never take things at face value. I try to ask questions and gain a full understanding of the teachings of the Church. I do the same in my schooling. Even though I have been a member of the Church my whole life, every day I learn something new that only further builds my testimony and reaffirms my faith. Why am I a Mormon? Because this Gospel has all the answers.

How I live my faith

There are often large service projects and calls to serve in the Church. I enjoy service and the feeling it brings, but I also see value in the small day-to-day actions. Some examples of how I live my faith include saying "thank you" to the city bus driver every morning, expressing my appreciation for chivalrous acts (ie. opening a door), and abstaining from anything that would take away the happiness that comes from living a clean life. I often have people ask me how I can live without drinking alcohol, having sex prior to marriage, wearing revealing clothing and other popular college activities. For me, it is easy. I feel good when I live a clean life, both physically and mentally. I see the blessings that a pure life can and does yield in my life and in the lives of people I admire. I am not perfect by any means, but every day I strive to become a little bit better.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is a way of life. The entire purpose of this life is to have joy, and we believe that in order to have joy in this life, you must live a clean, purposeful life. A clean, purposeful life includes one of families, service, charity, love, learning, growing and striving to be the best we can be. We read the scriptures because it brings us insight and peace. We abstain from alcohol and other toxic substances to keep our bodies pure and capable. We focus on families because they are central to God's Plan of Happiness. They will be a source of support and love throughout the eternities. We seek to become educated so we can reach our fullest mental potential and use our knowledge to benefit ourselves and those around us. We do not have sex with anyone other than our spouse so that we can maximize our relationships, learn self-control and build bonds that will last forever. Everything we do in this Gospel has a purpose and resulting blessings. Show more Show less