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Hi I'm Bronwyn Brown.

I love being a mom to 4 boys & 2 girls and wife to my husband, my best friend. I love learning. I'm a dreamer and idealist.

About Me

I am a Mom of 2 girls and 4 boys. Being a mom is a lot harder than I thought it would be. My kids are a great joy in my life when they aren't driving me crazy. I love it when my kids get a long with each other and hate it when they don't. I love teaching my kids. I love learning with my kids. And I love seeing my children learn and grow and experience new things. I love going on dates with my husband. We like going out to eat and seeing a good movie but we also like live performances and doing new things. I love reading and school. I especially love Historical Fiction. I have a hard time putting a good book down. I hope to work on graduate school someday. I love dreaming up house plans and looking at paint color swatches. I love the outdoors. I love camping and backpacking and hiking. I love foil dinners and dutch oven desserts. I love Yosemite, pine trees, and views from a mountain top. I love taking pictures, cooking and playing Settlers of Catan. I love a mind expanding, stimulating, and thought provoking conversation with friends and strangers.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I have a testimony of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even though I was raised in this faith and have a believing heart, I have had many questions and wonderings throughout my life. My testimony has come to me through prayer and pondering and living the commandments of God. I feel a confirmation in my soul of God's existence and interest in the human race as I read the Book of Mormon. I love that the Book of Mormon is a record of God's dealings with people largely in the Americas as opposed to the Old World. I also love that God's attempts to communicate with all people is recorded in the Book of Mormon. I'm a Mormon because I believe that all people are God's children, that he is mindful of all of them and that he loves all of them. I'm a Mormon because I believe God spoke to Joseph Smith, Jr and restored His gospel through Joseph to the earth for the benefit of all mankind. I'm a Mormon because I believe our prophet today receives revelation from God to help us with our lives. I'm a Mormon because I believe that it is God's plan for us to experience mortality and do what we will with our free agency. I'm a Mormon because I believe family relationships can be a source of eternal happiness.

How I live my faith

I begin and end my day with prayer. I strive to live as Jesus Christ taught. I am so not perfect at it but I try every day. I take my role as a mother and wife very seriously and spend a lot of my time in these roles. I attend church weekly. My job in the church is to work in the Cub Scout program with the Webelos, boys ages 10. Every week we have meetings to learn about all kinds of different stuff. Webelos work on activity badges that deal with First Aid, Health and Fitness, Citizenship, Sports, Nature, Crafts, Engineering etc, etc. The purpose of Webelos is to prepare the boys for adulthood and I love seeing them grow and learn. They are pretty squirmy at this age and mostly just want to have fun and play games but they are also still curious. As a visiting teacher I am responsible to visit 3 women in our ward each month and share a message of the gospel. I think this is a marvelous plan that indicates God's love for the individual. It is not always very easy to fit this assignment into my schedule or know how I can really help another person. Visiting teaching has been challenging in many ways. Through visiting teaching I have learned a lot about people and gotten to know many people that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Bronwyn Brown.
Women do not hold priesthood leadership positions in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because God has declared it should be the responsibility of worthy men. In fact, an unrighteous man may not hold the priesthood, even though he may temporarily hold a priesthood office. God has declared that priesthood power can only be exercised in righteousness. If a man attempts to use it un-righteously God has declared he withdraws his priesthood power. Women however do hold many leadership positions within the church and may receive every blessing possible that can come from the priesthood. The most important unit within the church is the family. As a wife and mother in a family a woman shares equally with her husband the goals and responsibilities of their family. Priesthood offices are temporary responsibilities while family roles are eternal and more significant. Show more Show less