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Hi I'm Norman

I am a tech geek, a husband and a father of seven children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Arizona. My family went to Mexico almost every weekend. I remember best the Mexican food and swimming in the irrigation ditches with my friends in Mexico. I also loved going to church in Mexico on Sunday. After 11 years of college I finally graduated and started a career in software engineering. I really am a geek at heart and I study and use the latest technologies and I also love Math. I am a frequent reader of slashdot.org. I have worked for very large firms such as Goldman Sachs, GE Money, Novell and Corel. Open source is the only way to code and I frequently use github.com and code.google.com. I always use the linux operating system and I currently use Ubuntu and I also like Gentoo. I also have fun riding my motorcycle, working with metal using my forge and flying a power kite. I love to play sports: soccer, football, basket, tennis, volleyball, running, swimming but I can't stand watching sports, I want to be in the game. I regularly go camping with our Boy Scouts of America troop. I know that being physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight has made my life better. I love my family, my wife and our seven children, we do so many fun things together, the trampoline is the best and so is the fire pit in our back yard. I love being a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

My decision to be a Mormon was consciously made when I was a junior or senior in high school. Almost all of my friends in high school belonged to other churches and I had attended some of their Sunday church meetings and I knew that their religious beliefs were different than mine. I cherish the ability to study and learn and to use reason as the means to determine what is right. As I tried to use reason to argue that my beliefs were right and that their beliefs were wrong I realized that reason argued right back to me that their beliefs were just as valid as my beliefs. If reason and logic was the only resource I had to decipher which religious belief was right then I would never be able to really know who was right and who to follow. At that time I was regularly reading the Book of Mormon and so I knew the stories of many people who had the courage and belief that a personal appeal to God would be a way to receive an answer to a sincere inquiry. As I think back now, I did not realize the lasting impact that this one experience would have on me. I found a quite place where I could be alone to pray and no sooner than I had begun to ask God about what was right, I felt an intense sensation that was almost overpowering. I had never felt this before but I have felt it many times since as I have gone back to Him for further insight and knowledge. This sensation that I had felt was the Holy Ghost and he indicated to me that the Book of Mormon was true and I knew that this was an answer from God and not something I had made up. As I now knew that the Book of Mormon is true, I decided to follow and remain a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

I love going to church and singing in the choir and visiting my neighbors. I have seen so many people's lives made better because of the small and simple things like just sharing a kind word or taking the time to help with yard work or helping them move or sharing a simple thought with them that is encouraging and uplifting. I have also seen lives changed by inviting others to help or participate in doing service or kind selfless deeds such as helping cook food at a youth activity or helping teach a merit badge for the Boy Scouts of America. I know that kindness and forgiving and gentleness and meekness make the world a better place and these are the things that are part of my faith. Another important part of my faith is the scriptures. I find that when I read and study the scriptures on any given day then I have a greater desire to be kind and a greater capacity to be kind as well during that day. One of my favorite scriptures is from the Bible, Isaiah 54:8 and it says "In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment; but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer." This scripture helps me remember that when I feel "wrath" at what others have done or are doing even if it is directed at me then I need to not let that wrath last for any more than a "moment" and replace it with "kindness." The Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect example of this and when he was on the earth he instilled in his followers the desire to show kindness.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

If you and I were to enter into an agreement then how would you want to "seal the deal." In the world we use a hand shake or sometimes just our word is good enough or sometimes just the nod of your head in the affirmative. In more serious agreements we sign a legal document with a pen and both parties keep a copy of the legal document and both parties have recourse to the legal system to settle any disputes. The Lord is very serious about our spiritual growth and so He asks us to do certain things such as "keep His commandments to the end of our lives". This is a very serious commitment and in return He "promises to forgive our sins and let us return to live with Him". The way in which we "sign" the agreement is by being baptized and remembering that we were baptized each week by going to church on Sunday and partaking of the sacrament thereby "signing" the agreement again or reaffirming our commitment we made when we were initially baptized. Show more Show less