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Hi I'm Carrie

I'm a Mormon. I am a child of God. I am a wife, mom, and a substitute teacher but I like to be an at home mom the best.

About Me

I went to college at New Mexico State University. I received a bachelors in Human Resource Management and Promotions and a second degree in Advertising and Promotions Management with a minor in Psychology. I'm a first generation college graduate in my family. I have always been a high achiever. I like to stay busy. I started work as an Assistant Manager for Pizza Hut. I loved the high energy and working with people and serving people. I later worked for the State of New Mexico where I helped those needing assistance with food stamps, medicaid, and AFDC. I once again loved working with all those wonderful people. So many were hard working individuals that were unemployed, high school graduates with low paying jobs, working on college degrees, or single parents just trying to make it. I later moved to Texas with my husband where I made the choice to be a stay at home mom. This would be the most challenging job yet. I didn't have others to pat me on the back, no pay raises, and no birthday lunches out. Those pats on the back would come from my husband and my four children as they would hug me and let me know they loved me. Those pay raises would come in the future when I could see how all that hard work would be fruitful in my childrens lives as they have matured. Birthday lunches, boy can my kids throw a birthday party. I love to scrapbook, do yoga, water aerobics, zumba, go for walks, and go camping. I have two dogs and one cat. I have a love for the beauty all around me.

Why I am a Mormon

I had some questions that could not be answered. I felt in my heart I needed to be baptised as an adult. I felt that being baptized was a binding covenant between me and the Lord and that covenant needed to be made by me not as an infant, not by my parents or church members. I also believed that the Lord wouldn't leave us in these hard times without guidance from a Living Prophet and Apostles as he did in the scriptures. After all, wasn't today tougher than the days in the Bible? I also believed that the Lord loves us so much just as our earthly parents that he would give us all the chances possible to return back to him. I felt the Lord would not condemn those that were infants when they died or never heard the gospel while living on this earth. Those burning questions kept me searching through several churches from the age of 12 to 26 years old with no new knowledge. I had met members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints over a 10 year period. They lived a good life. They were loving and caring to their families and their neighbors. Later I invited the missionaries to teach me what this church had to offer. The Book of Mormon to me went with the Bible hand in hand. I could read all the places where Christ was teaching those people who lived in the Americas. This church had Apostles and Prophets! Children over the age of 8 years old and adults were baptised by immersion by proper priesthood authority. The Gift of the Holy Ghost was given after Baptism to guide me each and everyday as long as I followed God's commandments. Before the Holy Ghost came and went. He was now better than my shadow; loving, guiding, and comforting me. I could feel through the Holy Ghost that I was to be Baptised as Jesus Christ was Baptised with all the power and authority that was on the earth when he was baptised. I moved forward in faith and have truth and joy daily in my choice to become a member in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's kingdom.

How I live my faith

Daily my faith grows. How can this happen? I read my scriptures daily. When I first started to read my scriptures I would read maybe a paragraph or a chapter before bed. Some nights I was falling asleep before I could get through a few sentences. I promised myself no matter how tired I was that I would read something. This began my journey of scripture study. I now read in the mornings before anyone is awake. I set the timer for 30 minutes. I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon and the other standard works. I have study guides I use from Sunday School and our ladies organization (Relief Society). The Lord has answered many prayers and guided me in many ways as I have given him that time to teach me each day. Are some days crazy and I don't read or have to shorten my time? You bet but I get right back on my reading asap. Our scriptures are our informational guide to help us make it through this life and return to our Heavenly Father. It is our road map. Would you leave on a trip and not take a map or look up any information about where you are going? That would be just plain silly. But when we don't read our scriptures that is what we are doing. The Lord loves us and he gives us commandments (rules) to help us stay happy and healthy. Do we have hard times? You bet. All the more reason to stay close to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They know you and love you deeply. You are his Child. He knows everything about you. He took upon your sins and pains in the Garden of Gethsemane. He loved you so much that he wanted to take on your pains also even though he didn't have to. Why did he do that? Christ wanted to know how to comfort you. Lean on him. Find hope in him. Find freedom from sin and pains through him. The first time that I forgave someone that had caused major pain to my heart, I learned that I had to repent from my anger and then I could forgive. Who would have ever guessed? Through the Lord's caring love and guidance I am now free.