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Hi I'm Ammon O'Connor

I'm a full-time student, intellectually pursuant, physically engaged, multi-talented, witty, and pragmatic. Above all I am Mormon!

About Me

I grew up my whole life next to the beach in Southern California and have learned well to appreciate the inspiring beauty of the ocean. I am the middle child of a family of 9 (4 brothers and 2 sisters). Our family has its struggles and all our personalities tend to clash, but we all love one another greatly. One of the greatest loves I possess is that of learning. I love to do, play, try, and understand just about anything. More currently I love to run long distances, play the guitar, find, capture, and write wisdom, teach English, surf/swim in the ocean, hike and admire nature, bake, barbecue, debate topics from different perpectives, write poetry, listen to soothing music, discuss and teach the gospel, strengthen relationships, and have good, meaningful conversations. I am a 24-year-old college student preparing to study law and public administration at BYU graduate school. I believe strongly in honesty and fairness, justice and equality, and I firmly believe in and love my country. I have talents and skills that will make a difference wherever I go. I am certain that each and every one of us can make a difference wherever WE go; we simply need to seek and embrace the Source where those truths may be unlocked and magnified. I served a two-year mission in the Amazons of Brazil. I have developed a strong love for the people, their culture, and their country. I sincerely hope to return to there many times and serve them all—to continue aid and strengthen their lives.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I know it is true and I choose to do my best to follow the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. The world keeps changing and above all its morals. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints invites the sincere and honest of heart to ground themselves upon unchanging truths and immovable teachings that inspire courage, intelligence, growth, and happiness. I chose to follow the teachings of Christ within the Church when I was about 15-years-old. I, like most teenagers, was quite lost and confused in respect to who I was and where I was going. Everything that we learn upon being a Mormon teaches us those very concepts and I know it is true. I have come to peace understanding where I fit in the world and have felt inspired to help others find the same truths for themselves. Above all I was invited to read and pray about The Book of Mormon, to know whether or not it is a true a book. I read the whole thing, prayed to God and asked Him if it were true, and in His own time I received several confirmations that it was. The greatest changes and blessings I have received in my life have come from literally changing my lifestyles to conform with that of God's. The Book of Mormon as well as the Bible teaches me to have courage when making those changes and to seek the spiritual treasures of life as opposed to the physical ones. I know this is the true Church of Jesus Christ restored on Earth and will continue to live by its teachings.

How I live my faith

I try to perceive others for who they really are and serve them. I recently have been keeping a journal of individuals whom I encounter and find interesting or intriguing in any way and have found that every individual has something meaningful to contribute to our life on Earth. I have served a mission in the Amazon region of Brazil and have taught them about God's Plan for everyone to return to Him. I attend church meetings held every Sunday for a period of three hours. In this time I learn more about the Savior and how to develop a personal relationship with Him. I learn about families and how to teach, provide, protect, care, and love them to the fullest. I learn how to become more self-sufficient and I strengthen my testimony of the gospel in a world that attempts to destroy it or make me forget it. I have been in charge of organizing and holding fun and wholesome activities for a group of about 60 young single adults every Monday known as Family Home Evening (FHE). I have helped young men and women prepare themselves to serve full-time missions for the Lord in which they will have the opportunity to dedicate 18 to 24 months to teaching His good news—news that we can all live with our families for eternity if we keep His commandments. Now I am in charge of organizing and administering our Sunday School classes for our congregation of about 130 people. I have humbly learned to find ways in which they all can learn effectively and meaningfully the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

Ammon O'Connor
One thing distinguishes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that it encourages us to be the best citizens we can in the countries we live in. Although politics and government varies across the world the Church only teaches us the eternal truths and principles in which the Lord would have us live by and obey. We as individuals are then responsible for making our own choices based upon our own judgment. In this sense the Church does not affiliate with or endorse political parties or any political practice for that matter. The only time the Church will address politics officially is when a political decision is contrary to the basic human rights and eternal truths we hold dear; when action is necessary as a whole to defend the truths of God. Other than that we are encouraged to be actively engaged in our societies and government as individuals and to seek to continually do good whatever we do and wherever we go. Show more Show less