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Hi I'm Kaitlyn Maxwell

I'm a married, broke college student who likes dancing and going for long walks. I was born a Michigander, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I have the same birthday as Dr. Suess, March 2nd. I also was born the same year he died, 1991. One of those odd facts of life... It made me mad as a kid though. Every year on my birthday our elementary school celebrated Dr. Suess' birthday. I felt that mine was more important, LOL! In my spare time I like to draw or play video games. For art I'll draw either realistically, or manga/anime characters. For video games I still enjoy playing all the new Pokemon games!!! I'm a kid at heart. Another video game that I love is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR for short). I like playing that on Heavy/Challenging mode. Speaking of dancing, my husband and I like to go out swing dancing on our date nights. It's a good reminder of how we started out seeing each other. I had met his parents first at the family ward, and they invited me over to watch general conference and eat dinner. I met Ryan there at his parent's house (he regularly attended the single's ward and not the family, so as to why I hadn't met him). So after I left their house, he got my phone number from his parents. He texted me apologizing for not saying much to me while I was over, asked me out swing dancing as friends, and the rest is history. But might I add his parents knew we had good chemistry, and were acting like we were a couple, before we did. They called us out on it at the dinner table. Ryan and I were confused, but then again... Undoubtedly, one could tell we also didn't mind the accusation. Funny how that works!

Why I am a Mormon

I did not grow up in the church, I was raised non-denominational Christian with Baptist views. My reasons for converting can turn into quite the lengthy story. Long story short, however, I started looking into the church when I was the devil's age: 16. My parent's weren't too keen on my interest in the church, and my mother gave me all kind of anti-mormon literature. she had me talk to different pastors who lectured me on why Mormonism is evil. I think in the end, all this did was confuse the living daylights out of me. As result I was a fool, and said many things against this church back then that I now regret with all my heart. But I do think it ironic/humorous God chose to spark my interest in the church at age 16... The one, magical age in which kids never listen to or obey their parents. No means yes, and yes means no. So "Don't read the Book of Mormon!" to me, meant take it to school and read it in between classes. On a more serious note however, I wanted to know what Mormons believed and stood for from the SOURCE--not the critics my mother was throwing at me. I may have been a rebellious, idiotic teenager who hid B.O.M.s in her room, but I do think I was wise on at least that notion. As I read the Book of Mormon many things made sense to me, or cut me at the throat. I read it in conjunction with the Bible to see if they contradicted one another. They did not. Instead, my understanding of the truth only grew and grew. It took an entire school year to figure it out, but I eventually realized what my parents were teaching me about the church was wrong. Mormons are not misguided, and they do not worship "a different Jesus." Jesus is in fact the same in both books, and coming to that realization made me realize where God wanted me to be. No church is perfect so long as it is run by imperfect people, but who am I to argue with God? I know where he wants me to be. I know now he wants me to be a Mormon. So here I am... Now what should I do next?

How I live my faith

Oh, well. I'm currently a visiting teacher with my mother in-law. Together, we visit three different sisters once a month. We'll share a message from the Ensign, sit and chat, and help with whatever needs need to be met. I just recently got my temple recommend and my husband and I will be sealed together for time and all eternity as of 10/10/2015. The anniversary of the temple ground breaking day of the Detroit Temple we'll be sealed in. Just seems like a good date to me, no? We attend church every Sunday, and pay our tithing. These are sometimes challenging feats, but are things a part of our faith. Giving up of our time and money to the Lord!

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Kaitlyn Maxwell
We believe that Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Ghost are one, and we are one in them. Christ is in us, as the Father is in Christ. Or in other words, we have the words of Christ to give unto you as Christ had the words of the Father. The Holy Ghost testifies to the truthfulness of this saying. The three are not one entity, but three distinct being working in unison. Just as the church, God's people, are to work in unison towards the fulfilling of God's purpose. "Oneness" does not mean "lack of distinction towards persons." If it did, then we all would be no more than a stream of God's consciousness, being God ourselves manifested in imperfect flesh. Clearly this is blasphemous, as I am not God. I am a daughter of God, just as Christ is a son of God. (Albeit, Christ is his only begotten, being born of a virgin but I digress.) Please, I urge you to ponder this. Thank you. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Kaitlyn Maxwell
Corinthians 15:29 "Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?" When we go down in the water, it represents Christ's death and burial. The water itself represents Christ's blood that was spilt in order to wash away our sins. When we come out of the water it represents Christ's resurrection into newness of life. In the scriptures, Christ speaks of needing to be "born again" in order to enter into his kingdom. Or that is to say, we need to take upon ourselves this "newness of life." So with that in mind, let's reword this question, as well as the question in Corinthians. I want you to do some critical thinking. If the dead cannot be resurrected, why then are we baptized for the dead? If the dead cannot be born again, why are we baptized for the dead? 1 Corinthians 15:12-14 "Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain." Do we not all need to be born again? And is God not a gracious and merciful God? Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Kaitlyn Maxwell
A husband and wife can in fact be together forever. And by forever I mean beyond paradise, extending into the heavens and beyond. How do I know? I know because I prayed and asked God a sincere question regarding this, and eternal families when I was 14 years old. I was feeling grieved at the time from the loss of my little grandmother, and desire for love to never end. We still love people just the same when they die as when they're living, so why must it change? I asked if marriage can be eternal, and if families can be together forever. The answer came to me as a resounding "YES!" as I began to feel overcome with a sense of peace and understanding that these things can ABSOLUTELY be! Search the scriptures, for in them you think you have life. But they are they who testify of Christ, so why not ask God yourself? Reading the scriptures is good, but it is not enough to give you understanding. When the day comes that we are raised in the resurrection, we can absolutely be married to our spouse still. But if we are stuck in the ways of old, and do not believe it is possible, how can we have this hope to be eternally married? We cannot, and will be simply numbered among the angels in the host of heaven. We are called to greater faith than this. Is eternal marriage evil or good? When we live in the ways of old, and higher law comes, we see that good for evil. But would you not be happy to be with the one you love forever? Do not let yourself be deceived, God's plan is happy. Show more Show less