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Hi I'm Donavan

I grew up Baptist, because I found that Church in my youth. I have no members of the Mormon Church in my family but I am a Mormon.

About Me

I Joined the Church as a 24 year old after having some room mates that were Mormon. I am now 43 and own my own construction business. I have a lovely wife of 20 years a daughter from a prior marriage who has made me a grandfather and 3 other wonderful kids; 2 boys & 2 girls. I love to snowmobile play volleyball and barbeque or slow cook any meat! hahaha! I guess I am just a normal guy that tries to do my best for my family. I currently serve on the high council over the youth of our Stake.

Why I am a Mormon

All of my early life I was looking for guidance in making good decisions and being happy. My parents for lack of a better term were mostly the biker or hippie/ druggie sort. I remember wild parties and lots of dope and drinking. I guess I wanted to get as far from that as I could. I had joined a non-denominational church and felt "safe" there but not satisfied. After moving in with a few roomates, 2 of which were Mormon, I started to investigate the Mormon Church. I felt that it was weird and had strange ideas. After 6 months I decided to head the missionaries advice and pray for an answer. Folks, this is where it gets interesting and I DO NOT type these words litely; It was and early morning south of Portland Oregon over a greasy Burger King breakfast that I said a sincere prayer asking God for help. I had a bible with me and opened to 1 Corinthians 15:29 just letting the scriptures flop open to that spot. I believe that the scriptures are simple and true, not complicated and in need of interpretation, so when I read this I thought, "this is in my bible?!" I was just thinking about how baptism for the dead is a strange concept and had learned that it was done in mormon temples. Now this next part is true, believe me or not I care not, it is as true as my hair is turning grey. I heard or better interpreted, felt a voice tell me to turn the page and look at exactly the opposite side. Wow! To me there could be no other interpretation to this scripture than that there are different degrees of glory in the heavens! Doesn't it make sense that if you are close to God in this life you will be close to Him in heaven and that if you are not you won't be then either?! Well, I'm getting preachy, sorry. I hesitate to type this last part but it is my story and I would be remiss if I left out the most spiritual part. I felt that I had recieved my answer so I prayed a very sincere prayer of thanks. It was at that point I recieved a true burning in my bossom! Pray about it, please.

How I live my faith

After my baptism (by authority) I felt a strong need to pay back those who had dillegently served me so I decided to go out with the missionaries. Oh, how much stronger this made my faith. Since then I have served in many "callings" as we have no paid clergy in our church. This has blessed my life immensely and I look forward to each new opportunity to serve others. Currently I am on the High Councel which is a group of 12 men who help a Stake President serve all the members of a Stake. A Stake usually consists of about 8-10 church bodies (groups of members called Wards) that will consist of 300-500 members. I have the great priviledge of serving our Youth ages 12-18 and I love them so much!