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Hi I'm Amy

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 39 years old. I am a daughter, oldest of six. I am a wife, married almost 19 years. I am a mother of 5 boys, ages 18 to 11. I am a bookkeeper. I am finishing my Bachelor of General Studies degree from Brigham Young University. We have recently moved and are trying to adjust leaving our old friends and making new ones. I like to scrapbook, make cards, and make fun crafts. I like to do fun things with kids, like play with bubbles (we made big bubble wands recently). I play the piano. I am working hard to stay healthy. I have recently lost 75 pounds and have about 25 more until I reach my goal. It's hard because I really like to cook. I do a lot of canning and love learning about food storage and new ways to do food. I make my family try a new meal every week because I love trying new recipes. I like to waterski and be in the sun. I have decided I am vitamin D deficient because I love being in the sun. It makes me happy. I like my iPhone. Technology is amazing to me. My kids like my iPhone, too! I love helping others, and have recently learned that there are others that like to help, too...so I need to let them every once in awhile! It makes people happy. I love being a wife and mother. Being a mother is one of the hardest things I have ever done and there are days I cry...a lot! But, there have been way more good days than bad. I love my children.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was raised as a Latter-day Saint, I still remember having to make a clear choice whether or not this was for me. It was in my teen years and I wasn't sure I cared about it as much as my parents did. I remember feeling very alone. I felt that my parents didn't understand me. I felt that I didn't have anyone I could turn to. So, I collapsed on my knees and just started to pray (and cry). I was never consistant with my prayers, but I had done them half-heartedly in the past. This time it was different. I really needed comfort and someone to let me know it would all be okay. As soon as I started, a warmth came over me and I cried. I knew that it was my Heavenly Father and that He did care and hear my prayer. Since that night, there were other experiences in my teen and yound adult life that have made me highly aware that there is a Heavenly Father. Because of this knowledge, I have been able to have confirmation that Jesus is the Christ and that the Holy Ghost has taught me of both. I am a Mormon because it makes sense to me. I have seen miracles that cannot be explained, and I see the history of Joseph Smith as one of those miracles. I have read the Book of Mormon and have tested the challenge from Moroni, at the end, to see if these things are not true. I know my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy. I know He has restored His church to this earth so that we can come back to live with Him. I am a Mormon because there is so much learning about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and who I am in relation to them. I am a Daughter of Heavenly Father. I love the hope there is in the teachings of the Church. I am humbled that our Heavenly Father has given us a Prophet, & seeing the counsel come true. This church brings happiness found nowhere else. I love that I can go anywhere in the whole world, and have the same lesson in Italy as in Arizona. Because I am a member, I am never lost or alone. I love the person I am because of this Church.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by learning about it on a daily basis. I read my scriptures and have personal prayer daily. I wasn't always diligent, but made up my mind that I would do better. Because of my trying harder to be consistant, the Lord has blessed me with peace and understanding of life that I would have missed out otherwise. I then teach it to my children. We read scriptures every morning during the week. We have family prayer every morning and evening. We also pray at our meals. We have Family night every week. We have a short lesson about a value or teaching from church leaders/scriptures, a fun game or activity, and always a treat. It gives us a chance to enjoy each other. I try to do thing for other people. I try to have extra freezer meals on hand, just in case I hear of someone in need. I live my faith by being kind and trying to get to know my neighbors, and looking out for their needs. I try to conduct myself as an example of Christ. He would help others, be kind and not tear down others. He would stand for what is right, at the risk of losing friends. He would have a close connection to His Father in Heaven. I try to conduct myself in this same way. I live my Faith by performing various duties asked of me at church. I lead and teach songs to the children. I have helped at camps, Cub Scouts, with the Youth, with the Women. I have taught classes on things I have learned, like canning and making bread and jam. If I am asked to do anything for the Church, I will do it. I have cleaned church buildings, including the temple. I have been a volunteer at the temple, every Saturday for 3 years. I visit women I have been assigned to get to know and love them and would do anything for them. I live my faith by attending the our Temple. I attend my meetings every Sunday. I am not afraid to answer questions about this Church. I live my faith by trying to give others hope when they seem to not see any.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

We, in our family, have taken the advice from our leaders and work together as a team. My husband is amazing. He works so hard for our family. We realized, though, that we are grateful for each other because if he wasn't there, I would be having to work and interact with the kids the way he does. When I leave for a couple days for whatever reason, I know he is grateful for the time I put in to make sure the house is in order and meals are planned and kids are to their respective activities. We councel with each other every morning on our walk and discuss the children, financial worries, and try to take that hour to come together to tackle the days challenges. Mormon women are amazing. I watch as those I am associated with, as well as me, work hard to teach our children to be good citizens, strive to do their best, as well as being on call for families that may need a meal or be driven somewhere or whatever the service may be. We are a force to be reconned with and I know we scare Satan! At my house, I am mama bear and he had better stay away from my children! Mormon women are just like everyone else, though, and want peace and happiness and try to do their best to achieve that in this life. We are always trying to do our best, to be examples of Christ by helping others. We try to be active in our communities and schools and appreciate living in this great land. We are a force of good that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Show more Show less