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Hi I'm DJ

I'm a awnry, small business owning, Arizona native Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of three beautiful and kind-hearted girls, and very adventurous boy that is going to cause my health insurance premiums to rise faster than normal. I am graduate of NAU, and a master's graduate from ASU. I am a small business owner (we create and maintain software and other products for educational institutions), and husband to a woman far above myself (I must be a good salesman). I love to camp, hunt, and watch my kids grow up tooooo fast.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in an active LDS family. I served a mission in CA to a Hispanic population that I loved. I come from pioneer ancestors who sacrificed greatly to help give me what I have now. This helps keep me in check when I try to baulk at the much smaller sacrifices we are sometimes asked to do today. Different things, at different times in my life, have testified to me of the divinity of faith I have chosen to follow. Sometimes it has been as simple as evaluating the results (or as I would like to say: fruits) of living the gospel of Jesus Christ and giving heed to His counsels and the counsels of inspired leaders. As I evaluate my life and family today, it almost scares me. I have been blessed with so much: a wife I just adore, a healthy happy family, means to provide for my family, etc., I worry that I have been blessed far more than I deserve. Of late, the thing that has taught me the most about the divinity of my faith, has been understanding, or I would rather describe it, 'feeling' the sacrifice and atonement of Jesus Christ. 'Mormons' take the point of doctrine so central to all of Christianity, the sacrifice of the Son of God, and we grow it exponentially. The depth to which we 'Mormons' ascribe to the atonement: the patience, the love, the pain, the far reaching effects of, the selflessness of the act...I had never before fully appreciated. It had always bothered me somewhat, when I would read in Luke about the woman washing Jesus' feet with her tears, or another inspired apostle who said that he met Christ that he would wet his feet with his tears. I use to always think to myself, 'now that is love and appreciation', and 'I would give Him a great big hug', but I did not see myself with the kind of appreciation I saw others express. I began a prayerful study of the atonement and I know and feel so much more now. I too, will bathe His feet with my tears when I meet Him.

How I live my faith

If you said you loved someone, and constantly did things 'on purpose' to hurt that person, could it be said that you truly 'loved' that someone? If you constantly borrowed money from a wealthy brother, and time and time again wasted it through stupid decisions, but your brother would always give you more money to 'bail you out'. If you lived life without worry, spending and buying yourself into hole, knowing that your brother would always bail you out (and He will), could you say that you 'loved', 'appreciated', and 'wanted to follow' this brother? I guess I say this because these our my thoughts as to why I think my actions matter. I endeavor to be a follower of Christ in doing the things He did. Serving my ward family, going to early morning meetings (which I disliked, adult ADHD I suppose...hard to sit still), teaching and encouraging youth (very rewarding), or just trying to deliver a message of hope to a family I home teach that might be struggling with life's difficulties. I am only doing what has already been done for me first; whether by other adult leaders, scout leaders, or Christ himself.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

The word 'cult' has a nice negative sting to it. If the word had been popular during the time of Christ, it surely would have been ascribed to the disciples of Christ. The Romans and the Jewish leadership thought the Apostle Paul was quite strange fellow, as well as plenty of other followers of Christ. Most of the time, people use the word 'cult' to define a group of people sharing common beliefs that affect their everyday lives. Beliefs that individuals of this group are quite fervent about. When used this way, the word 'cult' can be applied most generously, but also incorrectly. Show more Show less