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Hi I'm Marilyn

I'm a Mormon who never even heard the word "Mormon" until I was in college.

About Me

I'm a mother of four, a grandmother of 15, a wife of almost 45 years, a retired high school teacher, an experienced genealogical researcher, and a convert member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yes, I'm old, but I still enjoy a good book, I still love to travel, I still spend many, many hours on genealogical research, my husband and I regularly attend church and the temple, and I serve as a volunteer at a local genealogical library. Of course, I also love to spend time with my children and grandchildren.

Why I am a Mormon

I was a university senior before I ever heard the word, "mormon". It was then that a fellow student mentioned something about a temple, and curious as usual, I began asking questions of a religious nature, questions that had concerned me since childhood. For instance: What happens to us when we die? What about people who live and die without ever hearing of Jesus Christ? What happens to little children who die without being baptized? Is God real? Will he answer my prayers if I am good enough? What does he expect of me? Previously having received only incomplete or illogical answers, I had resorted to agnosticism; but then came the student who peaked my interest, the missionaries who subsequently taught me the gospel and answered my questions, and local members who accepted me without reservation. Though at first apprehensive, I read the Book of Mormon in its entirety, prayed sincerely, and had a very special experience, which convinced me that what I had heard and read was truthful. Indeed, I have come to know for myself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka the Mormon church) embraces the fulness of the gospel as proclaimed and lived by Jesus Christ, himself, and that with heavenly assistance, Joseph Smith not only translated and published scriptures known today as the Book of Mormon, but that he likewise restored the full gospel of Jesus Christ, which teaches us, among other things, God's Plan of Happiness and Salvation. Of course I was baptized. It's the best choice I've ever made: the one I have never regretted, the one that has brought me the greatest opportunities, the greatest hope for the future, and a great sense of peace as I live in this world filled with trials and uncertainty.

How I live my faith

I could have been more active in community affairs, but I chose instead to spend time with family, church and school. For many years, I associated with and taught teenagers–-both in high school and at church. My reputation was that of being hard but fair; demanding but caring; and strict but open to new ideas. In other words, I had high expectations for my students and did everything I could to help them succeed. But we had fun together too, especially my Journalism students, with whom I spent long hours creating our award-winning school yearbook (and eating pizza). We attended camps and conferences together; we even travelled together during summer vacation. Hiking, climbing mountains, camping, canoeing, river-rafting, and water-skiing, were some of the more memorable activities I planned and chaperoned as a church youth leader, but for more than 20 years, twice a week, youth of the church and I were together both for religious instruction and for wholesome activity of all sorts. I dearly loved being with "my" teenagers and truly missed them once they were no longer part of my life. As a consolation, I told myself that maybe it was finally time for me to "grow up". Indeed, when I was released as a church youth leader, I was given the assignment of teaching "Gospel Doctrine," the adult Sunday School class. Currently I am a leader in the Women's organization, but all too soon that will end as well. Then I hope to serve in some other way, in whatever capacity offered me. Maybe my husband and I will serve another mission or maybe we'll serve again as temple workers. I'm just grateful that our church allows us opportunities to serve, even when we're old. Outside of church I try to do something "good" each day. I try to be helpful. I try to be kind. Knowing that one day I will face Jesus and be accountable to Him for my actions, I try to follow His example. I don't always succeed, but I do try.