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Hi I'm Sasha

I'm a recent convert though I've been a member all my life. I'm a daughter of the chosen generation and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Blessings fill my life! I have the opportunity to go to the community college while in high school through Running Start. I will graduate high school with my diploma and AA degree and hopefully continue my education at BYU Hawaii to become an elementary teacher. Every day I carpool with my mom who is going back to school to get her degree. We have been close all my life. Its been just us for 13 years since the divorce and move but I'm not sure I would be the person today if it weren't for her faith and courage and the great priesthood holders of our ward. Each week I come home to teach piano. I've had my business for 4 years and I love it! Most of my students are from church but I have a few from the community. They each add to my day and although there are challenging times, we all learn and grow. One of my callings in the church is choir pianist. The Spirit testifies to the congregation each time we sing and I'm so grateful to be apart of the experience. But besides all this, I love traveling, dating, driving and chillin with friends. Currently I'm reading the second book in The Hunger Games series and love it! I also love kid history on youtube and have memorized the last two episodes by heart (=. I attend seminary every morning and am really enjoying my last year. I love being a teenager!

Why I am a Mormon

After I was baptized I watched as each of my friends learned to really love the gospel and I always felt less enthusiasm than they did about church activities and soon Sunday meetings. I almost came to resent the church because I did everything I was supposed to and yet I was still without a true testimony. A few years ago an event in my life caused me much sorrow and pain. Nothing was going as planned and I had to give up something I held close to my heart. Then I remembered this quote by the beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley- "If life gets too hard to stand, kneel." I headed these words and fell to my knees. I felt a literal embrace- although no physical body was around. Words can't express how much this changed my life to give me the testimony I needed. Each time I start to doubt, I remember this experience and Heavenly Father gives me strength to do whatever task is at hand. I used to think that I was Mormon because I was baptized, but it wasn't until I was truly converted that I understood that being apart of this church is more than that. I try the best to live the standards and commandments. Being human I make mistakes but I know I have the opportunity to repent.

How I live my faith

I share my faith to everyone literally on my computer. Currently I have a pass-along card on the Lenovo logo on the back of my laptop monitor. Whether its at the college, the airport or wherever I may be, every time I open my computer it catches someones attention. It started a few months ago when the missionaries of our ward asked how we could reach out to others in the community. I decided that since I'm not very good at giving out pass-along cards that I would share it with everyone. So far I've had three people comment on it and nearly everyone stare at it- and occasionally at me. This week I'm adding die-cuts to go beneath my card. It'll read "Yes, I'm a mormon".

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Around the time I was building up my testimony, my mom and I went to an investigators home with the missionaries to answer questions they had about the church. One of the missionaries talked about when he was truly converted. He talked about how questions like how "how come many other churches have a paid clergy but the LDS church doesn't?" helped him to seek out answers and understand the gospel. I had never thought about this question. I started to investigate it more. I have come to understand that we have great bishops and prophets who lead our church and don't receive payment from the church because they donate their time to serve. I started to think- "Wow. That's a lot of time." I thought about how each member has a part in the church and how we all work together to help each other so that the bishop doesn't become too overwhelmed. We have a system of women and men working each week to help those in need. We become teachers, youth leaders, choristers etc. who bless the lives of those we serve. We become a very large family who loves and serves one another and we receive many blessings from the Lord. Show more Show less

What is faith?

The bible dictionary definition of faith is to "hope for things which are not seen, which are true". I believe that faith is also a feeling. Its something that you can't shake once you truly understand its depth. Its understanding the scriptures and feeling a sense of peace, of love, of gratitude for the Savior and then acting on this prompting from the Spirit to pray and gain an assurance of faith in the Savior. I never understood how I could ask Heavenly Father and not doubt that He wouldn't respond because what if He didn't? Once I believed 100% that he would answer me I knew I was ready to be a member so I asked and received my answer. My faith has grown by asking questions and receiving testimony building answers. My faith has grown from the lessons learned from the Prophet at General Conference each April and October and articles I read through the church magazine for youth called the New Era. I learn from seminary at 6am-7am every day before school. I learn from my mother's testimony and the great leaders around me. Show more Show less