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Hi I'm Amanda

I'm married to a United States Navy sailor, a mother, and passionate cook who dreams of opening a restaurant. I'm also Mormon.

About Me

I'm quickly approaching my thirties and I find my self addicted to good food, made from scratch. Its become obvious, to me, that cooking in the home-kitchen is a the new lost art and I seek to preserve its beauty as often as possible. In short: I am a foodie. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I can honestly say that I have been spoiled by the abundance of fresh food available. The finest seafoods, meats, vegetables, fruits....this is how and where I discovered my love for cooking. I live in Chicago now as we transfered duty stations for my husband to begin shore duty (finally!). I have a medical special needs son who is g-tube dependant so every day I work to find new ideas to inspire and teach my child to eat. I plan to begin a modified blenderized diet with whole, homecooked foods pending our medical team's approval.

Why I am a Mormon

One night, my husband and I were discussing our faith in God. We knew what we believed but we didn't think that any church would believe *all* of the same things that we knew were true in our hearts. Specifically: I believe that our Heavenly Father is our true father and that He loves every child, unconditionally. I know that life is not comprised of random events but rather has deep and eternal meaning. It occured to me, also, that I have always had a desire to serve others. In other words, I wanted to use my skills, strengths and perhaps even weaknesses to help others. As I began to research various theologies, I came upon Mormon.org. There I learned that I was not alone in my most heart-felt beliefs although I still had so many questions. At midnight, I began to chat with a missionary who answered some of my burning questions and helped me request to have missionaries come visit with me in my home. I can tell you: I spent those few days waiting for the missionaries so anxious and feeling more alive than ever before. From the moment that I began talking to the missionaries, from the first time I visited the church: I felt like I was coming home. I knew that everything was true and I couldn't wait to join the church family.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving to always show compassion, kindness and care for those that come across my path. Sometimes, this means preparing a meal for someone in need. Other times, it means talking to a friend when the person is struggling. Still other times, it means that I am able and willing to discuss my faith in an open, honest conversation. I desire to serve in any way that I am called but aware that there are times when the best service that I can give is within my own home and I know that our Heavenly Father smiles upon this.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I know that there is a God because I can feel His presence. I can see Him in all of creation from the tiniest snowflake to the largest mountains. Have you ever wondered how our universe could be so precise? So intricate and full of purpose? Some would have us believe that life exists mearly by chance. I disagree. Without God, Earth makes little sense, if you truly contemplate it: why the variety of life? Why has no life evolved to create a new animal since? Why would any species "need" to evolve into humans to survive? How did the sense of morals and conscience come to be in humans? If we exist mearly as only matter of the "survival of the fittest" then why are humans born fragile and dependant for long periods of time? The answer is simple: God exists. He is our Heavenly Father and He created this universe, this planet and the life that is contained on it. There is a purpose for it all...from the tiniest seahorse, the cutest giggling baby to the most sweet smelling rose and everything in between. Show more Show less