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Hi I'm Kati

I am a wife, mom and runner from good ol' Utah. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom of three boys, so natually running around is what I do. But running is a true passion for me. i started running at age 14 and never plan on quitting! I have ran for competition and for fun, but last year I did a marathon to really test what I could do. I loved every step and look forward to completing many more. I grew up in the mountain, a small valley with a lake and a lot of adventure. I spent my summers hiking, biking, swimming, playing night games and exploring. We were safe and never worried when we stayed within the boundries of the peaks of the mountains that surrounded our town. I loved catching snakes, feeding horses, playing with the baby buffalo and cathing whatever creatures I could at the lake. My husband is also from that small mountain town and even though we didn't every know each other because of our age difference, we have similar memories. We were introduced through the one town cop, and are ever so grateful for him. We married in the Logan Temple 6 months later. Six months is short, needless to say, our mom's knew each other and were a catylist in our relationship. My husband and I were both close to our parents and our mom didn't hesitate passing on the juicy info. My husband had four years left in college, and I was just going to college to try and figure out what I wanted to do. So I didn't mind postponing my education to support us financially. He graduated, he got a fine job and 8 yrs later and 3 boys later here we are!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up LDS. It has always made complete sence to me. My testimony grew a lot not only in church, but also in my history classes. It just seemed to me that the whole reason Columbus said across the sea, the Constitutions, everything that lead the the USA becoming what it became was to bring to pass the Restoration of the Gosple. As a 12 or 13 yr old, I remember listening to a man who had just turned 100 years old. They were interviewing him on what he thought were the secrets of life. He was not LDS, but had discovered certain things in his 100 years. All of which he spoke of was standards. For an intant I imagined what he talked about. His reasoning and explanations made so much sence to me. Afterwards I realized that what took him a 100 yrs to figure out, I had in a book given to me by a church leader. It was called "The Strength For Youth." It was full of what the LDS standards were reguarding music, dress, drugs, friends and many other things. I never doubted that small book. Another time in college I had taken a Philosophy class. We were studing the different philosophys about why/how the earth was created, why/how are we here, where are we going and where did we come from. I dug deep into my soul as I learned about the various philosophies. Nothing made sence and nothing rang true. Last of all the philosophies, my professor, who was LDS talked about what Jospeh Smith believed. It felt good in my heart and rang true in my mind. I always believed the plan of salvation to be true, but when I felt the emptiness of all other philosophies, I knew for assurity that I knew and was taught my whole life the truth. I am a Mormon because in my mind and in my heart I know the teachings and practices are true. I am raising my kids with high standards and teach them to be loving and follow the Savior, and the importance of each choice we make and the responsiblities we have. Not only am I am Mormon, but I love being a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Faith. It encompasess me. It effects all I do, feel and believe. I trust Heavenly Father's plan for me. My mom died quite a few years ago. I still miss her. I would love to call her, talk to her, laugh with her, and hug her everyday! At times I long to ask her advise for helping me as a mom with young kids and as a wife. That is when my faith makes such a difference. I know I will be with my mom, as well as my entire family, forever. It brings me comfort that feels me with joy! Being LDS we do have a different standard that most other people. We believe in choice and accountibility. I do my best to make good choices, and I teach that to my kids. Good choices including: be Christ-like, love others, eat healthy and take care of our bodies, serve, be a contributer, read the scriptures, learn, share, say prayers, find joy in everyday life, help others, forgive, be frugal, and remember to stand for something. I am a big believe in choice, I think that stems from the strength my mom emmitted as she battled with cancer. She always taught that we had the choice, and we will always have a consequence. Good choices lead to good consequences. And sometimes, our only choice was our attitude. As a Mormon, we do go to church every week for three hours. Most of us each have responsibilies to fulfil while we are there. I watch over and teach 18 month olds to three year olds. My favorite responsibility is to serve and teach the Young Women who are 12-18 yrs old. We may also have responsibilities during the week, I serve as a Scout Leader. Being a Mormon isn't just a Sunday thing. It had become a part of me. But trust me, I am free because I am a Mormon. I am free from addiction in all it's forms. Through Christ, I am able to be forgiven from mistakes and free myself from them. I live my life exactly the way I feel is best and that choice and confidence is because of my faith.