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Hi I'm Joan

I am a mother of 11, a widow, a retired high school science teacher, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a native California girl, who just transplanted to Arizona. I am learning how wonderful people are everywhere. So many people have helped me and made me feel welcome in my adopted state. I am the mother of 11 children. I gave birth to seven children; four more where a bonus gift when I married my sweetheart. I have 10 grandchildren. I have been through a divorce, a second marriage, and am now a widow. I am a retired high school science teacher. I am learning how to find ways to volunteer and to use my time to be of help to others.

Why I am a Mormon

My Mormon roots go back five generations. I have progenitors who crossed the plains, some dying on the journey. I have progenitors who were subjected to mobbing, burned-out homes, and many other trials. These people, who made it possible for me to be here, have set an example of faith, work and perseverance. I am proud of my heritage and want to honor my ancestors by the life I live. I was raised in a home where the gospel of Jesus Christ was lived and taught. But I needed to gain my own testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was, in truth, the gospel as established by Christ during his lifetime, and restored in our day. I have studied, searched the scriptures and prayed. I have fasted and mediated and have learned for myself that this is the Lord’s church, that the precepts taught here are the truth. I have read the Book of Mormon many times and continue to read it daily. It is a source of guidance, inspiration and comfort to me. I know it is the truth. I know that Joseph Smith was a man of unique characteristics that allowed him to bring the truth back to the Earth under the direction of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, His son. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, just as was Moses. He gave leadership and taught the people God’s word. His prophetic counsel has proven the test of time. It is wonderful to know God has given us a prophet today to communicate His will to us, and that in following our prophet’s guidance, we are following God. First and foremost, I know that Christ lives today. He came to Earth as a humble man, although He is The Son of God, and allowed himself to be crucified. He made it possible for me, and everyone, to be forgiven of our sins and to be resurrected. His love pervades my life and supports me through my challenging trials and everyday life.

How I live my faith

I have certain routines that help me live and build my faith. Prayer starts and ends my day. I read from the Book of Mormon every morning, pondering the words and their application in my life. I worship at church each Sunday. I ask God to help me be a better person, to see my faults and short comings, and to help me overcome them. I try my best to set the example of a follower of Christ, by doing as He would have me do. I try to keep my body healthy through wise eating, exercise, and avoidance of things that could be harmful. I am looking forward to my retirement being a time of volunteering, both in my church and in my community. I want to share my talents with others and be of help to the people around me. I want to let my life be a beacon reflecting the Love of God.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

God did not send us here to Earth without a purpose. This life is neither the beginning nor the end of our existence. Because of His great love for us, His children, He sent us here to gain a body and prove if we will be obedient to God's laws. Once we die, we return to a place that people (generically) call Heaven, the Spirit World. It is a place of peace, peopled with those who have lived on Earth, including those we love. There we continue to learn and progress. In time we will be resurrected, given a body that is immortal and pure, no more to die. We will have the opportunity eventually to review our life and be assigned to a place wherein we will be comfortable and happy. This question is important to me. Besides my sister, my nephew and my parents, death has taken my sweetheart. After a short seven and one-half month marriage, he died of cancer. Because my parents were married and sealed in a temple and I was married and sealed to my husband in a temple, my family will be together throughout the eternities. We will continue in the family relationships we have started on Earth. We will grow in love as we progress and learn forever. Death is sad because we miss our loved ones so, but with faith in the Lord, we can be assured that life goes on and loved ones will be together again. Show more Show less