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Hi I'm Levon

Hi, I'm Levon! Single father of two and lover of the ocean, fitness, learning, photography and the gospel.

About Me

Aloha, I'm Levon! I live in Ka'a'awa, HI. I'm a super simple guy who is easily amused, intrigued and satisfied by the simple things in life. Most important to me is my role as a single father of two young children. I make the most I can of a challenging inter-island custody situation. Despite the obstacles, we are a tight trio and always have a good time! Random is how I would describe my interests - sports, fitness, wave-riding, entrepreneurship, photography, education, baking, cleaning and organizing, personal development and more. I am a student working on a master's degree and while I put a high price tag on education, I've been a "professional student" through several degree programs and most of my adult life, so I am so ready to be done!

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have had many pivotal experiences in my life that led to me pondering and seeking for my own deeper understanding and testimony of the truth. A few that come to mind were a crucial time in my life when I was left to make my own decision about whether or not to serve a full-time mission; praying earnestly to know for myself the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon while a missionary; and struggling through a difficult marriage, divorce, and unjustified loss of custody of my children, all of which led me on a very unexpected journey of gaining a deeper, more personal understanding of the Atonement of Christ and becoming closer to Him in a way I couldn't have predicted. These experiences have led to the realization that no matter what has happened or will happen in life, who we are, or where we've been, there is a constant need for striving for growth within the gospel! It's a never ending process of refinement and improvement that while hard at times, brings me more happiness and fulfillment than anything else.

How I live my faith

I feel like I've always had a sense that there is MUCH more to our existence and purpose than what happens during our short time here in this world. I often find myself wondering about what life was like before we came here and what it will be like once we leave. Like REALLY wondering. So despite being a playful person that will perpetually be a kid at heart, I tend to be quite sober and reflective and I try to view everything that happens around me and the things I do with an eternal perspective. I try to consider the eternal impact of my thoughts, words, and actions. I'm nowhere near perfect at doing this, but I try! I hope I can find a way to instill a similar healthy sense of the sacred in my kids. As a fitness professional, serving others by helping them adopt healthier lifestyles is of course my job. For me, however, the reason for what I do is even bigger than that. I try to view my work as an opportunity to extend life and improve it's quality so that others may then have a greater opportunity and be more empowered to fulfill whatever eternal purpose(s) they may have. Who knows what those might be, but we've all got 'em! Approaching my work in this way makes it much more fulfilling than simply helping clients look a certain way or reach some arbitrary number on a scale.