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Hi I'm Lara

I'm single and live in the Great Northwest. I love the cleansing of the rain and I come from one of "those" big Mormon Families!

About Me

Some may think that we don't get divorced, but many of us are. While it's not recommended, it sadly happens. Who'd have thought that I would still be single 14 yrs after my marriage ended. However, there is a huge group of singles (both divorced and never been marrieds) in the church who rally together and support each other. We keep in daily contact and give strength, support, comfort, encouragement and love to each other. We also go and DO things like hiking, kayaking, dancing, theater, concerts, more dancing, road trips, dinner parties, did I mention dancing??... The list goes on. So, as a single adult, I'm guaranteed an instant group of friends. I work full time and spend my non working time doing the normal things of life. Being in productions, seeing shows, going to the gym, spending lots of time being the "CRAZY AUNT!" I come from a family of 6 kids and now there are 17 nieces and nephews. I have a special relationship with each one of them. They know they are loved by me, their parents and by Father in Heaven. I find joy in nature! Living in the northwest gives me daily opportunity to appreciate Gods' wonders and miracles. So, while I don't fit the typical "family" mold that everyone expects of a Mormon, I have my extended family, and I have a place in the Single Adults. .... ... until of course, my frog turns into a prince and I can finally become the wife and mother I've always dreamed about.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised, but that's not why I stayed. In college, I did not attend BYU, or any other Mormon college. I went to a local college and studied religions of the world as electives. It was fascinating and I loved to see the similarities. It was my chance to really experiment on my own, to see if being a Mormon is what I really wanted. I may not know all the history of all the religions, but I know how I feel inside when I live the standards I have been taught. When I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, my life just feels right. Life, itself, may be extremely difficult and challenging- but when I am living what I believe, the hope and faith and comfort of the Spirit wraps me up in the love of God and I feel like it will be alright. When I've not been true to myself and not been honest with my Heavenly Father, I just feel off and life is just out of whack. So, while there may not be "proof" or "evidence", all I need is in my heart. I just know. I can't deny that God lives. I can't deny that His Son, Jesus Christ, came to this earth, atoned for my sins and was resurrected. I can't deny that the Book of Mormon is true. It's just truth that resonates through my body, mind and soul.

How I live my faith

Living as a Mormon is FUN! I know.. shocked.. right!!?? There are so many opportunities to live life and share happiness with other people. I went to Girls Camp for years as a youth and have gone back as a leader many times, going on hikes, learning first aid while teaching about our Heavenly Father and how much He loves us. It's fun being a leader of the Youth. I also go do fun activities with my Single Adult groups almost EVERY weekend there is a dance, or dinner group, or bowling, go carts, or whatever a group wants to do. I have the opportunity to give service to my congregation and to the community, like mucking out houses when it flooded here a few years back. My family, strangely enough, spends time together where we laugh a lot. In church I've taught singing to the children or played the piano for them. I got to sing the part of G'linda in a Broadway Revue sponsored by the church. I get to make new friends as I go into the homes of other women to visit them and tend to their needs. I've learned SO much from members and been served often when I was in need. I now know how to can fruit, make quilts, play broom hocked (LOL) change a tire and my oil, start a fire in the rain. I know how to find NORTH by the sun and stars. I can decorate a cake and splint a broken bone in the wilderness. I'm learning the cha-cha and waltz and night club 2 step. I've met and visited other Mormons from other countries (Italy, Germany, Ireland) Ok, so alcohol, drugs, premarital sex, coffee and smoking are off the table of things to do.. but really... without those things I still manage to have a fun, full life. Being a Mormon isn't about robbing myself of things.. it is about cramming as much good stuff into my life as possible, with a clear mind, body and spirit.