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Hi I'm Phoebe Kung (龔子恩).

I was born in Hong Kong into a loving family. I immigrated to Hawaii when I was eight. I am a college student. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student pursuing a Master's in Social Work. I have a deep passion for service and empowerment to those that struggle with mental health, economic, physical, emotional and any other challenges. Humanitarian rights and international issues are also important interests to me. I am working as a development counselor intern for the church. In my spare time, I would do volunteer, watch movies, or go out with friends. I am married to my husband who is from Taiwan and together we strive to live everyday filled with love and joy. Oh, and I have a CRAZY obsession of fat cats, fluffy animals and making homemade cards for people. I love to watch reality and food shows such as Chopped, Supernanny, Running Man, Family S.O.S... among many others.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because this church gives me hope and happiness. It's a kind of happiness you won't feel anywhere else. It is sweet, and makes your heart feel warm and full. When I really immerse myself into this Church's doctrine and beliefs, and really try to live righteously, I feel peace. This Church will not lead you astray. The doctrines help you understand who Jesus Christ is and what he has done for us. As a child I was afraid and confused. I didn't truly understand everything about this religion yet. There were too many differences between me and this man. How is it possible that one man can save the world from beginning to end? In time, when I continue to pray and talk to him about my feelings, attend Church and listen to people speak of him, I started to feel something different. When you invite Jesus Christ to come into your life, when you ask him to help you with your life, you will feel the difference he will bring. Miracles will happen and feelings will come in such a way that makes you realize how true this Church is. Jesus Christ is my hope and my faith...my friend. I am a Latter-Day Saint because the doctrines of this Church is the truth to everlasting happiness. Being a member makes me see the worth that I am. This Church teaches that there is a loving God and he sent you here here on Earth for a purpose. To learn and to grow. And after death? There is life. There is a chance to receive the greatest gift of all- living with God and your family forever.

How I live my faith

I am a leader in the Church and along with some partners we get together with other members once a week to do fun, wholesome activities. My calling is to look over the other people in our church and help create closer bonds with each other. :)

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Phoebe Kung (龔子恩).
Families are people that God gave to each of us- people who love us and will always be there for us. Like the saying "friends come and go- but family is forever"- It's one to thing to live again with God, but it's a whole new level to live again with God and with your family there as well. How great will that happiness be! Our Church believes in the family to be important in God's plan. As a social worker, I have learned the tremendous impact families can have on our well-being. On the other hand, I have also seen the consequences of a broken family. Families should be the place where a child learns what safety, love and faith is. It is the place where children can learn principles to help them grow up successful in personal and other ways. The experiences that we absorb will be based on the environment of the home. That is why I love and admire that this church focuses on the family and teaches each family ways to foster love and care in the home. The Family: A Proclamation to the World reads, "The family is central to God’s plan for His children. It is also the central unit of society and the means for bringing children into the world where they can be loved, provided for, and taught truth and righteousness". Whether it is within a marriage, siblings, rearing children, this church will provide vital principles in strengthening a family. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Phoebe Kung (龔子恩).
Jesus and other prophets taught that baptism is absolutely important in God's plan not only because it is a covenant (a promise between God and man) but also because it cleanses of your sins. Baptisms requires a physical body; therefore baptisms for the dead is for people who passed on without a chance to be baptized while on earth. Since we still have our physical bodies we can perform baptisms in behalf of a deceased person. That way, if people in the spirit world want to join the church and be baptized, we have the opportunity to help here on Earth. It is a wonderful experience and much joy comes from it. Show more Show less