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Hi I'm Murray

Born in Canada, I am an adult convert. I welcome you to my story -- from "confusion to peace."

About Me

"Eclectic and varied background." That would best describe my background. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. My parents were immigrants from Europe and tried to provide the best they could for 5 active sons and one daughter. Though we did not have much of the things of the world, we were a fairly close-knit bunch -- as much as 6 strong-willed, competitive kids can be. I love music of nearly all sorts and sports -- football, badminton, track & field, ice hockey, biking, curling, etc. My parents provided an opportunity for us to participate in 4-H, school bands, and other community activities. Looking back, my parents were awesome and sacrificed a lot for us. I have lived in three countries -- Canada, USA and Austria. I speak German, some Hungarian and CFBF or what I call "corn-flake box French." :-) My wife and I both have Masters Degrees. I work in Public Education (K-12), have been a college administrator, worked as a CEO of a YM/YWCA and owned my own consulting company. Life has never been dull. I am a husband (as the photo suggests) to any amazingly wonderful woman and have 4 intelligent, healthy, handsome/beautiful children and 3 wonderful sons and daughter-in-laws so far....plus 6 fun and endearing grandchildren -- 5 of which are adopted. Life has not been easy, but even with many trials, life has been and is wonderful, fulfilling, meaningful and exciting.

Why I am a Mormon

In my youth, our family had ties to multiple churches. Thus, began my wondering why there were so many opposing churches when there is only one God, one truth, one baptism (see Ephesians 4:5). In my teen years, I studied with the 7 othe Christian Churches. I appreciate everything I learned from them. Towards the end of my teenage SEARCH FOR TRUTH and since Christianity was not giving me answers, I checked into world religions. Though I did not "feel" answers were found there either, I felt some teachings there made more sense than the "mainstream Christian" answers for why we exist and why things are so patently unfair. Additionally, I asked my Christian associates many tough questions like, "If my life really started at birth and IF God exists (He being all powerful and loving -- supposedly) why didn't he make things fair and make people nice?" No one had satisfying answers. At this point, I swung into agnosticism and then atheism. A friend of this Church suggested I should check into it. I thought, "I've nothing to lose and everything to gain." So, I gave the Church a REAL try. As I SINCERELY investigated the Church, stubborn issues and foggy things of the past were clearly answered!! Then the Holy Ghost clearly witnessed to me then and tens of thousands of times since then that THIS is Christ's Church back on earth. The teachings make sense. Christ and His restored Church give me purpose, power, passion, peace and potential. Finally I feel "at home & on my way home!!"

How I live my faith

I strive in every way to become as Jesus Christ, my personal Savior and Exemplar. (Ephesians 4:11-14) I never experience more peace, joy & fulfillment than when I strive to live as Jesus showed. Prior to discovering this Church, I struggled with a belief in any God. When I thoroughly investigated the Church, Book of Mormon, and the concept of a modern-day Moses on earth (a prophet, see Amos 3:7), I also found God -- the "author" of truth. My life became so incredibly meaningful and fulfilling. Daily prayer and scripture study are my anchors and are keys to revelation and helping me solve problems. In the Church, there is no paid clergy. As such, we all carry some responsibility for each other, to watch out for each other and teach each other....just as Jesus Christ had designed when He first established His primitive Church about 2,000 years ago. I love it! Each day brings new challenges, new opportunities to grow and serve in my community, in the local congregation, and in the nation. Most service goes unseen by the media and prying eyes -- as it should. I am thrilled to be part of this great Church and invite you to take it for a "test drive" as I did. As you do, you can truly feel that same remarkable peace, truth and joy that I do. I am no one special -- just an average person (by worldly measures) that Heavenly Father and Jesus rescued and love infinitely. As so many say, "Praise be to God" that I found God, Christ, truth, and the restored Church. Peace at last!