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Hi I'm Jared

I got my undergraduate degree in pure mathematics. I currently serve in the US Navy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After a few years working in sales I went to college and got my degree in pure mathematics (puzzles and logic, and that sort of thing) when I was almost 30. I had a few more gray hairs than most the student population and I had some kids. Pure mathematics doesn't really care as much about numbers as it does about proofs. If you liked proofs in geometry, its that sort of thing. This kind of abstract thinking is really useful to all kinds of fields and has been a helpful foundation to my scientific learning. I am active duty military and I serve in the US Navy. With the Navy I teach nuclear physics and electricity. We have some exceptionally smart young men joining our Navy. It is an honor to work with them and to teach them. I enjoy reading popular science books as well as some of the classics by Dickens and Verne etc. I have 2 kids and have been married for almost 9 years now. I have one child who is special needs who requires additional patience. I am currently working toward my Masters in Divinity with a focus in professional counseling. I plan on becoming a Navy Chaplain and becoming a career Naval officer.

Why I am a Mormon

One of my role models is Henry Eyring Sr. who was a Mormon Professor of Chemistry at Princeton during the days when Einstein was there. He was an amazing man that found great alignment between his academic and religious beliefs. The more I learn about creation the more mezmerized I am by how intriquite God's work is. It truely can be an inspiring thing. In pure mathematics there are certain things that can never be proven. For example you can never prove 1+2 = 2+1. It seems so obvious to not worry about so we are forced to assume certain things (axioms). These assumptions exist both in pure logic as well as the sciences. I have come to realize that it is equally important that faith is a required part of religion in this same way. I think God set it up so that we can't prove He exists using our normal observations. This requires us to show our faith in Him to receive the proof. We must humble ourselves to Him and submit our will to His, if we truly want to know Him. He will make Himself known to us, just not in the way we may want at the onset. He will prove to us He exists in His own way if we are willing to receive. If we open our mids to the axiom (assumption by showing faith) that God exists he can enlighten our understanding and that knowledge can fill our minds in a way more profound than typical observational understanding. Then he can speak to our spirits by the power of the Holy Ghost which is a unique kind of observation (that does not lend itself to scientific measurements) and lead us to greater understanding. I am currently in a graduate school in theology type topics.I can say that I truly enjoy the rigorous way in which academically minded people view the scriptures but it seems that a purely intellectual understanding of God's spoken word is not the only way to draw near unto Christ and gain a greater understanding of Him. I believe that God can and does reveal his word through living prophets that make God's will more clearly known in our time.

How I live my faith

I currently attend church and teach the mens' group in ways to be better husbands and fathers. I love teaching and studying for the lessons I teach. The church is amazing in the responsibility it gives to normal memebers. The Lord certainly lifts and blesses those to whom he gives these callings and helps us do a job better than our own abilities alone would allow.

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is a powerful way for us to learn the will of God in our lives. The Holy Ghost testifies of truth and of the message of Jesus Christ and His gospel. It is through the Holy Ghost that God shows us His proof that he exists. The more we are open to the influence of the Holy Ghost, the more likely that we are understanding our world correctly. Although the Holy Ghost can testify of many doctrinal points, the most important of which is about the truthfulness of the entirety of the message of the Church of Jesus Christ. If you don't know if this church is true, I am confident that the Holy Ghost can testify of its truth to you, if you make your heart available to Him. As a man of science I can declare in strength that the things testified by the Holy Ghost can become stronger knowledge than those things learned in more secular ways. I am more confident that God exists than I am in any of the proofs of science I have learned. Even in science at some point it comes down to faith in your assumptions and following your reasons for believing. The Holy Ghost provides those reasons. Show more Show less