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Hi I'm Don

I'm a professor at U. of Texas at SA. I work full time as a business analyst. I'm a former ice cream truck owner. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love learning and education. I earned a Bachelors degree in Spanish and Chemistry. I then earned a Masters degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Industrial Hygiene. I then earned my MBA from Purdue. I've been teaching in the business school part time at one of the U of Texas schools. I also taught 4 years an early morning religion class to freshman and sophomore high school students. I love interacting and learning from my students! I love my family. I am outnumbered at my house. My wife and I have 4 beautiful daughters. We have a pet dog...she's a girl as well. My oldest daughter just started college this year, and my next youngest daughter is a senior in high school. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful children and a loving wife. I like to try new things. As an undergraduate, I started a small business as a neighborhood ice cream truck owner. I've lived in Ecuador and enjoy being able to speak Spanish here in Texas. I used to perform in high school assemblies to the hits of the 1980's new wave band Devo. I've run a marathon and enjoying running today. I enjoying learning from others and broadening my perspective. I have developed friendships with students from Saudi Arabia or classmates from South Korea or indigenous people from Ecuador. I enjoy and appreciate the opportunities to learn from those that have very distinct cultural backgrounds from my own.

Why I am a Mormon

This is a very difficult question to answer because there are so many reasons. The church has always been able to answer my questions on an intellectual level and I've also received spiritual confirmation that this is in fact The Lord's church on the earth today. The answers I find in the church meet my intellectual demands of religion and the doctrines make perfect sense to me. The answers the church provides on both general questions such as the nature of the godhead or less commonly asked questions have always made sense to me. I am able to find answers to such questions as what Peter meant when he admonished the members of Christ's church to live in a way that will make "their calling and election sure". The church answers my questions such as what the apostle Paul meant when he described doctrines of baptism for the dead and the concept that there are various degrees of glory available to us after we finish our mortal journal here on earth. The doctrine of the church answers my question of why would The Lord not continue to follow his ancient pattern of calling prophets to reveal his will as described by Amos that He will "do nothing but reveleath his secret unto his servants the prophets". The answers I find in the church make perfect sense to me. I am also a Mormon because of a multitude of experiences I have had on a spiritual level. The feelings I have felt as I've shared the incredible message that The Lord Jesus Christ has once again established His church. It is the profound spiritual confirmation I have felt as I've asked in prayer if Christ has in fact called a prophet in our day to communicate His will as has been His pattern for thousands of years. In the end, though, I cannot imagine surviving in my various roles as husband, father and as an individual seeking to become a better person without the constant guidance and support I receive from the church.

How I live my faith

One of the many things I enjoy about the church is there is not a paid clergy. The work that goes on at a local level is all done by unpaid members in the community. It is exciting to me to know that I am working with others who are not motivated by a salary, but by their love of The Savior and their fellow man. I have had many opportunities to work with local youth. I have volunteered as a Boy Scout leader. I donated my time for 4 years to teach 5 days a week a scripture study class to high school students each morning before school. I have taught 5 year olds, and I have taught adult classes. Our family has lived in various states: Indiana, Arizona, Utah and Texas. How comforting it is to know that no matter where we go, there will be local members of the church there that have the same standards and goals in life that we have! It has been very comforting as we have moved around for school and work that no matter where we go, we will have our Mormon family there to greet us! I appreciate so many of the wonderful examples of what it means to be a disciple of Christ in the various areas our lives have taken our family. Ultimately, I am trying to follow the perfect example set for me by my older brother Jesus Christ my Savior. I am working on trying to overcome my shortcomings, become a better father, husband, employee, teacher, student and person. How grateful I am that my Savior can direct us through His prophet Thomas S. Monson. How grateful I am that as He did during his mortal ministry, that He has once again 12 apostles on the earth to instruct and guide me. How grateful I am that His power to heal the sick, comfort the suffering, and raise the dead is once again on the earth. Just as was foretold by the ancient prophet Isaiah, The Lord Jesus Christ has in fact performed the "marvelous work and wonder" of establishing His church, with a prophet, 12 apostles, and His authority to administer its ordinances in our modern day!