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Hi I'm Andrew

I am a student, a volunteer, a loving son and brother. I am an artist, a snowboarder, a musician and singer, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a graduate with a BS in Psychology and plan on getting a PhD. in Psychology. I am getting real life experience as a volunteer for a Rape Recover Center and love providing help to others in need. I love to be outdoors and love nature. I therefore love to skateboard and snowboard. I love to backpack, hike and camp and enjoy the beautiful world we have been given. I am a bit of a rebel and like to do things my own way, although have gained an understanding that the Lords way is always the best way, and even though I sometimes fall short of His ways I find peace and joy in the knowledge that through Christ I can be made better. I truly love to capture the beauties of nature through the lens of a camera and consider myself an artist through the medium of film. I enjoy music in all its facets and therefore spend a lot if time getting new albums, going to concerts and teaching myself how to better be a musician. I play the guitar (mainly acoustic) and piano as well as sing. I am a huge lover of film and spend too many hours watching films and going to film festivals but it is a great way for me to relax and escape the stressors of the world. I enjoy eating right and exercising and love to try new foods as well as understand the cultures they come from. The top 3 priorities in my life are: First following God and trying daily to become like His Son Jesus Christ. Second my family and the love and support they offer and giving it in return. Third educating myself to help others.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in most part because of my upbringing. My parents are LDS and so I was LDS. Thats not to say I dont know this is the true gospel and right for me, but if I am to be truthful I have to admit that this is the primary reason why I am LDS. I have to caveat that with the fact that during my upbringing i was never forced to study the scriptures or Book of Mormon. I was never forced to have personal prayer and was never forced to goto church. Like most Christian families during the time, we said prayers over meals and as a family at night, and I was strongly urged to goto church every sunday. The fact is that as I began to grow up and become independent (when I was 12-18) I noticed a joy and peace because of the way I lived my life. I started to pray privately as well as read the Book of Mormon to find out if it was true. In the LDS culture all 19 year old boys are asked to serve a mission to proclaim the gospel and I figured I had better at least know that it was true. The Book of Mormon was the best way to know if everything I had been taught was true. See I was blessed and had been taught all the doctrines from birth and then simply had to ask if they were true. I read the Book of Mormon and my heart and soul burned within me and I felt closer to God and felt it made me a better person. This was enough of an answer for me and I therefore went on my 2 year mission. During the mission is when I learned much more about the doctrines of this church and also gained a far more reaching testimony and knowledge that this is Christ's church once more on the earth. Being directed by a prophet, just like Moses, who communes with God and directs His church. My testimony and knowledge still grow today and will probably always grow but it all stems form the blessing I noticed through living the gospel in my youth and from reading the Book of Mormon and asking God personally if the Book of Mormon was His word.

How I live my faith

I live my faith first off by keeping Christ in my thoughts as much as possible and by striving to live as He lived and lives today. I do this by studying the Old and New Testament as well as the Book of Mormon and other scriptures we have today. I learn how to be like Christ by learning about Him at church every week and by reading and listening to His prophet and His 12 apostles who are again here on the earth. I strive to look for opportunities to help other and volunteer in the community at large. I goto church each week for 3 hours. the first hour I partake of the sacrament to remind me of Christ's atonement, death and resurrection. Durning this meeting one or two members of the congregation teach us. I then goto sunday school for the next hour where we as a class learn through the scriptures. During the last hour all the brethren meet up and learn more on how we as men and brethren can help the ladies in the congregation, ourselves and all other people in general. I volunteer my time on a church committee to help organize social events among our congregation and other LDS congregations that are not in our immediate geographical area. I am also charged to visit 4 families who are in our congregation every month to see how they are doing and if there is anything I can do to help. When I think of how I live my faith I think of my relation to God and how I am changing to become more like Him and His Son. By becoming more like Him and Christ I become a better person and feel more joy and happiness. I am blessed with a Church that helps me to learn how to become like Them, as well as gives me chances to serve others and practice the things we learn at church in real everyday life.