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Hi I'm Adam

I'm a husband and father. I'm a native of the Pacific Northwest. I have more interests than hours. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest by parents who took me hiking and camping and swimming and exploring. I'm invigorated walking through a Western Hemlock forest. I'd rather swim in a river than a pool. College took me to the Rockies and then New England. A church mission took me to Finland. Employment took me to San Francisco, before unemployment brought me back home to my parents with a young family in tow and a chance to replant my roots in the place I love. (I've moved out of my parents house now, but I still listen to my mother.) I'm a husband and father of three. It's the best thing in my life. I live for long road trips together, renting wave runners in the summer, hiking together in the fall, barbecues at the river, and visiting my mother on Sunday afternoons. I fret constantly about balancing the demands of work and church service while still spending enough time my wife and children. I like my job because of the variety, but I should have been a lawyer or a photographer or a doctor or a journalist or a tour guide or managed a band or worked outdoors or owned my own business or... I like reading the newspaper (online) and gravitate toward the opinion pages, articles about the Supreme Court and articles about the media industry. I like to travel, usually on business, but preferably with my wife. II like a good story, a good song and a good joke. I'll try to remember your name, but probably won't. I've driven the same car for 16 years.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a Mormon home and congregation that taught me that I was a child of God, to believe in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and to believe in a living prophet in my day. Following the teachings I learned at home and at church brought me joy and kept me in the faith. But I was also taught at church to learn for myself that the its teachings are true and to develop a deep personal conviction of Jesus Christ. After leaving for college, I prayed to God and asked for a spiritual confirmation that Jesus Christ is his son and the savior of the world. He gave me the confirmation I desired in the form of a deep, personal impression that felt more real than the quiet room where I knelt praying. I came away from that experience knowing that God loved me as his child, knowing that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of the world and knowing that the fulness of his gospel and covenants are available in The Church of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I live my faith foremost by helping my wife teach our children that God loves them and that they can learn his will from reading the Bible and Book of Mormon, by listening to a living prophet and by praying for guidance. We read the Book of Mormon and pray daily as a family. We talk about the world around us, the way people treat each other, and try to make sense of it through the teachings of Jesus. I live my faith by trying to treat others with the mercy and understanding that I desire in my own life. I live my faith by choosing time with my family over personal recreation. In my church congregation, I've been a long-time youth teacher and Boy Scout leader. Currently, I help lead and teach a group of men. I sing in the choir, but not loudly because I'm not that good.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

We believe that we require God's grace in order to be saved. We believe in living our life by faith and performing good works by keeping God's commandments. Our faith and works help us become more like our Savior because God blesses those who obey his commandments with his spirit and changes their hearts. But we know that no amount of good works will ever be enough alone to qualify us to live with God again. We rely on the grace of Jesus Christ to make up the difference between what we have become and what he wants us to be. Christ extends this grace to everyone who repents and relies on him. Show more Show less

What is faith?

I like what Paul teaches about faith in his letter to the Hebrews in the Bible. (Hebrews 11) He says that faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things not seen. I like this definition because it makes faith more tangible than the way the word is normally used in everyday language. People tend to confuse faith with belief. When someone says, "You just have to have faith," it seems like what they are really saying is, "All you can do is hope that it will happen and then maybe it will." I don't see that as faith. To me, faith is the evidence that I've received through prayer that something is true. I haven't seen heaven, but I've received answers to prayers that tell me it exists and that I can achieve it. Those answers are faith. Those answers give me the strength and power to keep the commandments of God. Faith is what comes to those who trust God by keeping his commandments. When we act in faith, our faith grows. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

The First Vision was the answer to a prayer Joseph Smith offered in 1820. He grew up on the frontier of the United States in a time of religious excitement. He wanted to join a church but was unable to determine which church he should join. After reading from the Book of James in the Bible, he gained confidence that he could resolve his dilemma by appealing directly to God in prayer. So he prayed to know which church to join. In response to his prayer, he was visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ. As a result of that visit, he learned that the many churches of his time all lacked the God-given authority to perform essential ordinances like baptism. He also learned the true nature of God, that God hears and answers prayers that God takes an interest in us individually. He wasn't told to start a new church. That came many years later. But he came away from that experience with a first hand knowledge that God will reveal his will to us if we ask in faith. Show more Show less