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Hi I'm Jorel Perez

I'm a Puertorican computer geek and a dad who likes to build things for his kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have more friends outside of the church than inside of it. Not because I am any different in beliefs or values as other Mormons, but because I just gravitate to those that remind me of my family. The members of my family are not Mormons. I'm the one that sticks out in family reunions because everybody is tossing back Baileys and I'm the one drinking soda. I love my family very much and they love me, and even though we believe in very different things there is no better group of people I would rather be with. My wife and I enjoy breaking out into dance parties pumped out by our many gadgets. Between the many projects we build for the kids and all the times we run around the house after them we stay pretty busy. We especially like reading books as a family while doing all the voices. I develop mobile applications for a financial services company and like seeing where technology and life collide. We are a tech savvy bunch over at our house. Our son comments on our family photo site while our little girl likes to play educational games on a "kids safe" computer. I used to study engineering before I went into information systems. It's funny how things just stick with you and that's probably why I tend to fix everything in our house. Toys, bikes, furniture, drywall, electronics you name it and I won't mind taking it apart or figuring out how it works. I was a musical dance person growing up and was in plenty of choirs, musicals, and plays while doing a tap dance or two.

Why I am a Mormon

I have found that being a Mormon has a life altering effect. I'm not saying that it changes who you are, but it definitely opens up your mind to what your potential in life can be and what really matters. I have learned about the deep love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and what He has put in place to make everyone happy. I am encouraged and dedicated to do more for the well being and spiritual growth of my family knowing that we are an eternal family, sealed together for all time and eternity. I don't see the gospel as a limiting factor to what I do and who I am. I see it as an expansion or an enhancement of what I already did and was. I have felt the Holy Ghost tell me and prove to me time and time again about the truthfulness of not only this church, but of what we are taught and the blessings that it brings. I feel like today we are so easily moved to doubt, fear, or depression when we look at life and do not see meaning. But there is meaning and purpose to everything. I love my Father in Heaven for the plan that he has set to save us all so that we may be with him. This really is a gospel of love and happiness. I have learned to grow in my love to my wife, my kids, and to everyone around me. You can ask a lot of people and I have no problems making new friends and bringing them to my home and showing them that I care about them. I guess I just want to spread around what I have felt from my Heavenly Father with everybody. I mean, why be sad when there is so much good to look forward to? I know I have been blessed and I have seen God's hand in my life and those feelings and experiences will never leave me.

How I live my faith

Interestingly enough I have recently been asked to work on teaching and telling more people about the gospel of Jesus Christ in our area. It's funny to me because I thought, "how am I qualified to do that?". And then I looked at what I had been doing recently. I have wonderful friends in my life and family members who care about me. Not all of them are Mormons and little by little I have been seeing how what I do in my life has been impacting them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a missionary or out to commit people to the church the second I meet them. I just enjoy being with people. I enjoy the stories, the experiences that we all have and can share. I love finding how I relate or can help those around me. I enjoy explaining to people why I don't drink and smoke and why I always seem to rush to see my family. I love how my life is centered around doing things for others and trying to be nice to other people. One of my friends the other day asked if I was Mormon and when I told him yes all he could say was that it made so much sense since I was a nice person. I'm not trying to win anybody over, I'm just trying to do what is right by my Father in Heaven.