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Hi I'm Nathan

Born and raised in Arizona. Love music and water sports. Was state champion impromptu speaker in high school. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

To tell you the truth I'm still in the process of discovering things about myself, but I can share a bit of the journey so far. I'm a big believer that life isn't so much about finding yourself as it is about creating yourself as you discover and pursue the passions that develop in your life. Growing up I was the quiet semi-geeky kid in school that didn't socialize much. Then surprise surprise I became the debate captain at my high school and was the state Champion impromptu speaker my senior year. It was a huge contrast from my childhood but ever since I started doing public speaking I haven't been able to be quiet since : ) I love the outdoors... but not necessarily camping. Four-wheeling in the mountains where it's cool or boating and skiing at a lake are my ideas of enjoying the great outdoors. Other than that there is not much reason to be outside in Arizona. Music is another of my passions. Perhaps it's because my parents met in a rock band in high school (my dad was the drummer and lead singer and my mother was the keyboard player and back-up vocalist) but playing, listening to and composing music has been and will always be a big part my life. All that aside my wife and son are my biggest joys. We adopted our son after 8 years of marriage and it has opened a new chapter of life that has been my greatest adventure. I may be known by a lot of things in my life, but being "Dad" is one that I am most proud of.

Why I am a Mormon

I can proudly say I'm a Mormon because I choose to be. I come from a Mormon family and heritage so my upbringing was based around the Mormon faith, but everyone reaches an age where they have to choose for themselves what they will believe, what they will become, and why. That age for me came around 17-18. I had many friends from other faiths and some with no faith at all. You can imagine that being a part of the speech and debate team there were many opportunities for discussion amongst the believers and non-believers alike about the differences of our faiths or whether you should have faith at all. The concept of the eternities, the divine role of families, the history of not just how but why we came to be, what our true purpose here is and where we are ultimately going were nowhere so fully answered in my mind as they are in our faith. But logic can only get you so far, understanding that God is our Father and as such is standing ready to guide and assist His children, it was only by His confirmation through the Holy Ghost in a very real and undeniable way that my heart came to the same level of understanding and belief as my mind. That journey is one I hope everyone can make someday. In the end, being a Mormon provides a view on life, it's history, purpose and direction, that has allowed me to have a clarity and joy of purpose and direction that cannot be found elsewhere. There is so much more to life than just being a good neighbor and there is so much more to eternity than just singing praises. Being children of the Creator and Grand Organizer of the heavens and the earth implies a future rich in discovery and potential beyond the simple trivial pursuits that dominate the focus of so many. Each day for me has a broader meaning for both myself and my family because of that divine hope that I have from being a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have had a wonderful experience both serving in and living the principles of the Mormon or LDS (Latter Day Saints) church. I have had the pleasure of assisting in the scouting program and working with young men to help them develop and reach their potential. It was several years before my wife and I had our first child so those young men were kind of like and adoptive family for me. In truth I think I learned and gained more from serving them than they learned and gained from me... I guess that is one of those hidden gems of service, often times you receive more than you give. I also elected to serve a 2 year mission in Argentina from the age of 19-21. What an experience to get out and see the world. The education and experience I had living amongst different languages and cultures was more valuable and enriching than anything I have ever done. Serving a mission is not a requirement in our religion, it is an opportunity and one I'm glad I took advantage of. Beyond that we strive daily to say our prayers, to read our scriptures and to compose ourselves in such a way as to be reflective of our Savior Jesus Christ. Regardless of what I may become or what positions I hold in life I can always elect to be a good example. Ultimately though, the gospel is nothing more than instructions from a loving Heavenly Father to His children, so we try and reflect that same gospel in our home for our child. I only hope I can be as good of a father as He is, and that is our pursuit, to try each day to become more and more like our Heavenly Father.