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Hi I'm Louis

I'm a Mormon. I'm a retired Policeman. I grew up in the Azores Portugal but found the Church in Alberta Canada.

About Me

I joined the Church when I was 24 years old. That was 35 years ago. I'm now a retired Policeman. Being a member has balanced my life and view of the world, since Policemen tend to see the more seedier side of humanity. I love being a member of this Church. I was raised in the Catholic faith. I went to a Catholic elementary and high school and for a time even served as an altar boy. I've always been interested in religion. When I was 21 my father passed away from a heart attack. At the funeral the priest decided to use the occasion to preach his "fire and brimstone" sermon. I can still hear his words in my mind - "...this man is dead because of sin...it was sin that brought death into the world". I still recall my sister amid tears turning to me and saying "what did dad do to deserve to die?" (I could hardly believe the gross insensitivity this priest had towards a grieving family, to bring that up at a man's funeral). The incident made me so angry that that was the last time I attended the Catholic church. For the next few years, I wandered aimlessly, spiritually speaking. I then moved to Alberta in search of a job flying, as I had a pilot's licence and had some aspirations of becoming an airline pilot. There were no jobs in the field at that time, so I ended up working as a real estate salesman for a while. There, I met a man who is a Mormon and we struck up a conversation in the office one day. We talked mostly about his faith and I became more and more curious about it.

Why I am a Mormon

He told me that Adam had partaken of the forbidden fruit because he had been given two commandments 1. Multiply and replenish the Earth and 2. Do not partake of the fruit of good and evil, if so you'll be cast out. Eve had already partaken of the fruit so when she brought the fruit over to Adam and offered it to him he had a choice to make - Since Eve had partaken of the fruit and was going to be cast out, should he partake of the fruit and be cast out with Eve and then keep the commandment of "Multiply and replenish the Earth"? or should he not partake of the fruit and be left alone in the Garden of Eden unable to multiply and replenish the earth all by himself? He decided to partake of the fruit so he could obey the "Multiply and replenish the Earth" commandment. That concept blew my mind, because I had always been taught what a bad guy Adam was and that all the problems on the Earth had resulted because of him. The way he explained it, Adam was in fact a pretty good guy, who made a very rational and wise choice. This only made me more curious about his beliefs. Up to that time, I had never met a Mormon or knew anything about the Mormon faith. One thing lead to another and he invited me to his home for dinner and to meet with the missionaries. The missionaries showed me a movie entitled "Man's Search for Happiness". I was impressed with it and found it thought provoking. They also told me about Joseph Smith's first vision. That also was very interesting but I wasn't ready to believe such an "outstanding story". I met with the missionaries a few more times and they gave me the Book of Mormon to read. I read the parts of it that they had marked, but only superficially. They then gave me another book entitled "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder". I started reading that book and just devoured it; I could not put it down. The doctrines in it made so much sense. I was becoming very impressed with the Mormon religion.

How I live my faith

I also decided to do a little research. I made a list of all the prominent Christian religions. I think I came up with 17. I stuck to Christian religions because I've always believed in Jesus Christ and so non Christian religions didn't interest me. Over the next several weeks I spoke to 17 ministers or pastors of these churches. I included in those 17, Catholicism by talking to a priest, as I did not feel I should leave my religion before giving it a chance to impress me. There were two main questions I asked all these ministers - 1. Does your church have paid ministry? and 2. How did your church begin? Those two questions were the result of me being extremely impressed that the Mormon Church has no paid ministry. In fact, I was just blown over that the missionaries not only did not get paid, but paid for their own expenses themselves, (i.e. rent, food, etc). I was also impressed that they did this on a volunteer basis and were not forced to do it. (Talk about "putting your money where your mouth is". If that is not a great example of that, I don't know what is). After receiving very unimpressive answers by those ministers of other faiths. I read the Book of Mormon, with more intent, prayed about it and received my answer from the Holy Spirit that it is true. I then gladly joined the Church. Among many other great teachings, my favorite is the correct concept of the Godhead. I now understand that God is my loving Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ is our Saviour. They are two distinct and separate personages united in purpose not in "person, essence or substance"(as the Trinity teaches). If they were one in person Jesus was praying to himself. That sounds ridiculous! He also prayed for his disciples to "all be one as He and the Father are one". That explains what He meant when He said the "Father and I are one". Over the years, I have loved serving in the Church in many capacities. Check it out with an open mind, I'm sure you will be glad you did.