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Hi I'm Sharman

I'm a substitute teacher, a kitchen gardener, a singer, and a kidney donor. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a big Mormon family in a small, woodsy New England town. I spent my childhood with my siblings and neighbor kids playing hide and seek, climbing trees, picking berries, catching frogs, and skating on frozen ponds. I left New England for the Rocky Mountains, graduated from college, married a Californian, and raised 4 children in Utah, Illinois, and Colorado. Ten years ago, things took an unexpected and life-changing turn. While working as a teacher's aide at the local middle school, I felt impressed to offer one of my kidneys to a co-worker who had been searching for a donor, and whose hopes had been dashed multiple times. It turned out to be a win-win opportunity for both of us--she has a healthy Mormon kidney (as she calls it), and I have a friend for life! I am now working as a middle school substitute teacher. I also grow herbs, berries, and vegetables in my backyard garden, sing in my church and community choirs, enjoy family reunions, and read everything I can get my hands on, from the classics to history, popular science to religion. I love to travel, and by family trips and in connection with my husband's profession, I've been to 46 states and 19 countries, enjoying what each and every place has to offer. My life has not been without some sad and rough patches along the way, including the loss of 3 siblings to early cancer, but with God's help, I've made it to a wonderful stage of life--grandparent-hood. The rest is icing on the cake!

Why I am a Mormon

Mormonism is in my bones--I'm a 5th-generation Latter-day Saint from Utah pioneer stock. My Salt Lake City born parents followed their professions and raised us kids "back East," where we were part of a tiny but devoted religious minority. While my school friends went to Hebrew School, Catechism, and Pilgrim Fellowship, I went to LDS Primary and Mutual Improvement Association (MIA). We were respectful and sometimes curious about each other's faiths, but my own religion was so misunderstood that I was often asked how many mothers I had! In the 1960's, it would have been understandable (and not uncommon) for a young person to toss aside the high expectations of a Mormon upbringing (no sex, drugs, alcohol, profane language, Sabbath-breaking, etc.). I stuck with Mormonism not just because I was physically born into a Mormon family, but because I was spiritually born into the Mormon faith. As a child, I loved my teachers, the music, the things I was learning about Jesus, and the feeling of belonging the Church instilled, and that has stayed with me as I've tested it out. Whenever I've come upon bits and pieces of questionable history or teachings, I have seen God's long-suffering hand working through fallible, yet faithful people in the establishment and workings of the LDS church. The beauty and optimism of the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints thrill me to the soul. My spirit resonates with the belief in our familial relationship with God, the Father and Mother; our eldest brother and willing Savior, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost, whose whispers beckon us back to our heavenly home. Likewise, we see the whole human family as children of God, capable of fulfilling the measure of our creation through God's Plan of Salvation and Happiness. For me, this opens up a bright and meaningful view of eternity, where God both rejoices and weeps over us as we progress, with His grace, to become like Him.

How I live my faith

My faith comes out in pretty much everything I do. That is because Mormonism is a way of life, encompassing the practical and the spiritual, the material and the transcendent. One way I live my faith is by seeking knowledge and truth wherever I can find it and by treasuring the good things of earth and heaven. It's an Article of Faith that "If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." I love to immerse myself in man's creative and practical arts and ideas. I also want to know how to be a good steward over the natural beauty and bounty of the earth. I want to learn all I can about God and where I fit in His universe. That's why I read, pray, travel, garden, recycle, sing... I also live my faith by making promises to God that will help me live a clean and healthy life, love God and my neighbor, and serve and follow Jesus Christ. This means I try to avoid harmful substances and raunchy entertainment, and I am devoted to my family. I cook healthy food and share it with others. I know my neighbors, and they are regular recipients of our kale and zucchini, as well as our annual family Christmas-caroling. Over my lifetime, as a member of a lay church, I have served in "callings" as diverse and challenging as nursery leader, choir director, and local president of the women's organization. As a Christian, my faith also leads me to serve people I don't know. By volunteering at the LDS food cannery, observing our church's monthly fast and donating to the poor, and giving to the LDS Humanitarian and Perpetual Education funds, I help people in need all over the world. We Mormons see the veil between this life and the next as very thin, and by doing proxy temple ordinances, I can even bless those who have passed on, if they accept my offering. Finally, and most importantly, I live my faith by praying for the Holy Spirit to help me keep these promises, and when I inevitably fall short, for God's grace to lift me up.