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Hi I'm Susie

I have a dear husband, six precious kids, seven wonderful grandchildren, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am almost an empty-nester, and it's a little lonely after raising six children but it's also wonderful remembering what it's like to have so much time with my sweetheart, my husband. My family means the world to me, and I love to have them come to visit and have family dinners together, I also love all things Disney, and I love to go on vacations with my husband, children, and grandchildren, to visit Mickey and his friends. I still love to play with things and most of the time there are toys in my purse. If there aren't, I can usually find something to entertain myself and my grandchildren in a restaurant. I returned to working full time after my youngest child started school. I worked for an airline until I was old enough to retire from there, and now I work part time for a university. I love to read, crochet, go to garage sales, visit my children, play games with friends, go to movies, and take care of my home. My husband and I have a dog we rescued from the pound, before that we had another dog we had rescued from the pound. I wouldn't mind having a cat, but since my husband is allergic that will probably never happen.

Why I am a Mormon

Ever since I was a child I was looking for the truth. My parents separated several times when I was growing up, and we moved a lot. Every time we moved, I would get up on Sunday mornings, find a dress somewhere in the heap of clothes on the floor, get dressed, and start walking till I found a church. Then I'd go inside, find a bench and sit down. I'd try to find a bench that had a family seated on it so I could sit kind of nearby and feel like I belonged there. By the time I was 11, my mother remarried and we moved to Nevada, where I spent the rest of my growing up years. There I met my best friend, who happened to be a Mormon girl. She and her family had something that I wanted. We used to have "sleepovers" (with very little sleep) where she would teach me about the Gospel. When I was 18, her dad baptized me. My parents and siblings didn't support me in this decision, and for the most part they still don't approve of my membership even though it's been 37 years. I have lost relationships because I chose to be baptized, but I believe that their hearts will eventually be softened and they will accept the love and sacrifice of the Savior and grow to know the truth of his Gospel. In the meantime I have been blessed because of the opportunities my husband and I have had to serve in the church. Life has at times been challenging but it has always been rewarding and very much worth the effort. And that best friend who used to tell me stories from the book of Mormon? She is still one of my best friends although the miles separate us. And I still love her dad like he was my own. I don't know if he realized that by baptizing me he was actually adopting another daughter, but he doesn't seem to mind.

How I live my faith

Currently I am involved in teaching the women in our church. this is a new job for me, I have only done it one time. I was nervous to do this, since for the past ten years I have been involved with the 12-18 year old girls and so of course that's what I have been most comfortable doing. But it was time for a change and I found that I very much enjoyed teaching my lesson with the women. In addition, I have been doing the program for church (the printed bulletin that contains the list of songs, the announcements, the calendar of events, and that kind of thing) weekly for the past six years or so. I also write letters to 8 or 9 women in the area who are not able to come to church for one reason or another. (One of these women is in a rest home and her health makes it too difficult to attend church.) I write these letters monthly, and the letter consists of a little bit of news from my own life, a quote from one of our church leaders with a little bit of why I chose the quote, and then an invitation to give me a call if there is anything the woman needs. This letter is just a way for these women to know that they are not forgotten even if for one reason or another they are not able or not willing to attend church for now.