Rachael: Mormon.

Hi I'm Rachael

About Me

We moved around a little growing up but most of it was in the New england area, a beautiful place and very reserved. I also traveled a little around the states, as well as to a few places in Europe, as well as Canada and Mexico. I love to travel and see new places and meet new people. I now live in San Antonio Texas with my husband and 3 beautiful daughters. I Served a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints when I was 22, in Salta Argentina, as well as a 4 month stint in the Richmond Virginia mission while waiting for my visa. My mission was a wonderful experiences in South American culture but more importantly a great developer of love, that I have of all people. I have a degree in Graphic Design. I am fortunate enough to stay home with my children these days. which also allows me to make and sell custom made little girl's clothes. I enjoy sewing all sort of things and make some of my own clothes as well being creative is important to me and creating for others brings me joy. I love being with friends and cooking for them. and when I get the chance I love to be outside enjoying this amazing world god created for us.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born of goodly parents as the ancient prophet Nephi liked to say. my Dad joined the church before my parents were married and they raised us kids in the gospel. I love the church, and was fortunate to develop a testimony of the gospel in my youth. I've read the book of mormon 6 times before I was 14. this was probably the biggest help to my understanding of the gospel at such a young age. because of my love for the book of mormon, it helped me come to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and with that knowledge and understanding the belief that we are still led by living prophets today has helped me make good decisions, staying away from evil temptations and things that would hurt me or my spirt. I am grateful for the power of prayer, the ability to communicate with our heavenly father. because like everyone I have had trails bring me to my knees, and I am so grateful that there is a loving and caring heavenly father waiting for me to talk to him. I have been very blessed in my life. to know about Gods plan for us, to know why we are here, where we came from and where we are going after this life. and most of all to be able to teach it to my children. I love the church and it's organization. I love the leadership, and opportunity to serve. because of those opportunities I have grown and become a better person.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I love the Book of Mormon. by reading and re-reading this book I have come to a better understanding of how the adversary tries to destroy our spirit, and make us miserable. and likewise how much our heavenly father loves us and wants us to return to him. In this life we have a purpose; with that purpose we having meaning, gaining knowledge, doing good to others, rearing a family and being a part of that family, and helping others as we go. We read about groups of people that start off with that knowledge of our Savior and see throughout time what happens when people loose that knowledge of Jesus Christ and his mission of atonement. I love reading about God's love for me and all man kind in the scriptures. I am grateful for the opportunities I have to grow and be a better person, to have more empathy for others through service, and I can expand my knowledge of how things work, and how others think and feel. throughout my life while in troubling circumstances. I have come to knowledge that my heavenly father loves me, and through tough times, I can rely on him for comfort and peace. thanks to the examples I've read in the scriptures.

How I live my faith

I am just a mother of 3 young, crazy, and beautiful little girls. I have very limited time and resources. but I never miss an opportunity to visit some of the women in my ward (church). because of the program called visiting teaching. Women are assigned fellow women, to visit, and share a gospel message with at least once a month. Because of this opportunity I have met the most amazing ladies, who have become some of my closest friends, whom I never would have thought possible. through visiting teaching, I get out of my comfort zone and associate with women of all ages and walks of life. I love getting to know people and finding the similarities we have in common as well as those experiences that teach me more about life. I am so grateful for these woman and to call them friend. they teach me so much about compassion and love, just like the savior did when he walked the earth.