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Hi I'm Christopher

I live in Iowa and love everything about it. I love wrestling, reading, singing, hunting & hanging with friends. And I'm a mormon.

About Me

I am 19 years of age and currently preparing to leave on my mission Nov. 9th 2011. I am a pretty normal guy. I have been through two semesters of college, love to go out with friends and party, play video games, get on facebook and go to the movies just like any other guy my age. My hobbies include singing, anything to do with music really, Wrestling, bow making (bows and arrows for hunting), reading, fishing, talking with pretty women;), acting and preforming on stage, dancing, swimming, writing, hanging with my best friends, and cooking. I love my dog copper and my family. I have three younger brother of which I am the eldest. My parents joined the LDS church in England and then moved to Texas where they had me. I have lived in Texas, DC, Virginia, Oregon, Guam, Nebraska and now Iowa. My mother and father are Michael and Lisa Formhals and are the best parents four boys could ask for. I love my whole family and the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are reading this right now I am out on my mission in Argentina Bahia Blanca and loving every second of it.

Why I am a Mormon

I have grown up in the church and to say that it has had an impact on my life and that it has changed it dramatically for the better would be a huge understatement. I honestly have no idea what I would do if I didn't have the church in my life. It has been such a key part in my everyday life. I would never in a million years have turned out the way I did, with the morals I have and the wonderful connection and bond I have with my family, if it weren't for the church. Thye gospel has helped me through the toughest times in my life and has lifted me up even higher in my happiest moments. It has tought me how to love selflessly and I would not have the respect and love for others that I have now if it weren't for the church. The love and warmth and belonging that you feel in the LDS church is indescribable, and if you get the chance to walk through the temple the peace and calm that floods you is amazing. God loves you, and wants the best for you. Don't throw that away. It would be the worst decision of your life.

How I live my faith

I will admit that sometimes it isn't easy to live up to my standards all the time. But it is worth it for sure. You will feel so much better if you follow God's commandments and live up to your commitments. I can testify that this is true, when you follow the example of christ, you will find you are a happier person and one who has no regrets. There are plenty of temptations out there and things on sundays that I'd rather be doing than going to church at times. But I always feel better after doing what I knew to be the right choice. Reading the scriptures and saying morning and night prayers every day helps enormously in staying true to my faith and holding to the iron rod. In a world that glorifies sex, drugs, promiscuity, alcohol, and tobaco it is increasingly hard to keep to my standards and to live a life that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would want me to live. But by going to church and sticking with friends who support my morals, standards and decisions to not do certain things, it makes it easier to resist temptation. And if you have true friends then they will support ou no matter what. Most of my best friends are not LDS but still understand and respect my decisions. I am on a mission right now and it is one of the most fulfilling and amamzing things I could do in my life. I am so blesssed to be out serving the lord and I am so blessed to have this chance to wear his name on my chest and tell people of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has blessed so many lives and is so important.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

All males in the church are asked to serve a mission at the age of 19 to 25. But it is not something you have to do. It is a personal choice and something between the individual and Heavenly Father. But if you are stronge in your religion and you really believe in it then I don't see why you would not want to serve a mission. If you really have a testimony in the LDS church and the Book of Mormon then you will feel the burning desire to serve a mission, I promise. Show more Show less