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Hi I'm Victoria

I'm a wife, a mother, a grandma, a master gardener, and a runner. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've been married for 42 years. We have 3 married daughters and 8 grandchildren. In addition to raising a family, I have spent many years raising flowers, fruits, and vegetables. I actually tell people I'm a farmer. We have never owned a farm, but I really must be a farmer at heart. I share my produce with friends and neighbors, plus bring the excess to the local food bank. I even have the added joy of bringing flower arrangements to church during the Spring and Summer. I belong to a garden club and I am a master gardener. I taught swimming and life-guarding for 15 years. I worked at several different pools, in several different states. I love everything about the water. Even now, the water has great appeal to me. I can no longer tolerate chlorine, so I prefer the warm ocean water of Hawaii. I live near the beach but the water here is so cold, I can't swim in it. So, I do the next best thing; I walk! I'm an avid walker and do a little running too. I've competed in quite a few races and have won a few ribbons. Unlike competing in floral competion where I have won hundreds of ribbons, running is a challenge. My early childhood was spent battling asthma and the lingering damage has affected me my whole life. Supposedly, I only have 65% lung function, but I am able to run and not be weary. I attribute that to my membership in the church and to the Word of Wisdom. I'm looking forward to serving humanitarian missions and teaching people how to grow food.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church when I was 15. I was raised a Methodist. My parents were divorced when I was two years old. I went to live with my father when I had just turned 15. My mother thought I would only stay for the summer. I ended up staying for 3 years! My father had just been baptised a month before I went to live with him. Of course, he wanted me to join the church too. I was not interested! I was very happy with my religion. But he kept sending the missionaries and I kept sending them away! One day a couple of Elders came to the door. They pretended they had car trouble and could they please use the phone. I let them in and while one Elder used the phone the other said to me," I understand you have been turning away all the missionaries that come to see you." I said that I was happy with my religion and that I understood that he believed he had the truth but I believed I had all the truth too. He asked me if I would just pray and ask Heavenly Father if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. I said I would and since I don't lie, that's exactly what I did. That night as I attempted to pray, I was stopped by an overwhelming, terrifying, feeling. I couldn't move, or cry out for my dad. I battled with that evil the entire night. In my mind, I cried out to Heavenly Father to deliver me. Finally, just as the sun was rising, the bad feeling left. I dropped to my knees in gratitude that I was still alive and I pleaded with God that He would let me know the truth about the church. It was a Sunday morning. I expected an immediate answer because of what I had experienced during the night. I went to my church as usual and while sitting there, I could not get interested in the sermon. A Bible was laying beside me. I picked it up and began to read. It was something about the Elders. A burning feeling started within my heart and my mind was open and I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I knew the church was true!

How I live my faith

I have always had positions in the church since my baptism. When I was a new convert, the Bishop called me to teach Junior Sunday School. He wanted me to learn the Gospel from the "ground up." He also called me to work in the Primary which was on Thursday afternoons. I taught the same group of children in Junior Sunday School as in Primary. I loved those children and I'm sure they taught me as much as I taught them. Since that experice, I have continued to teach many different age levels in different organizations. My favorite has always been the teenagers. They are so full of life, energy, wisdom, and eagerness to learn. I have been a Relief Society president twice (that's the Women's organization), a Primary President, a Young Women's 1st and 2nd Counselor for the stake (that's an area consisting of several wards and a ward is the area where we live). I have always been a visiting teacher for the Relief Society and visit assigned members to look to their needs both spiritual and temporal. I have been a ward girls camp director 5 times and a stake camp director twice. I love girls camp. I guess because it has to do with the outdoors and I love being outdoors surrounded by nature. I have taught many mini classes to the women on floral designing and gardening. My credential as a Master Gardener has really been utilized by the church. My favorite scripture is from the Old Testament, Psalms 19:1 "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."

How can I know Mormonism is true?

It's best to go to the source of all light and truth, our Heavenly Father. Simply ask Him, in faith, if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. Just as the scripture in James (in the Bibile) tells us and also in Moroni (in the Book of Mormon), He will manifest the truth unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less