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Hi I'm Marcy

I'm a desert rat transplanted to the soggy area of Western Washington. I'm a mother of a tween, a newlywed, & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in a fun and well blended family. I was born in Cali and raised in UT after my parents divorced. My Mom's family was LDS (Mormon) & my Dad's family was Jehovah's Witnesses. When my Dad married my Mom, he left his position as an elder in his church & was baptized a Mormon. (We saw very little of his family after that.) I am a recently married (under 2 yrs) mother of a 12 yr old "tween" boy. After dating long distance, I married my husband & now live in a town SE of Seattle, WA. I am glad that my husband & I were married in the LDS (Mormon) Temple- "In sickness & in health...until death do we NOT part." I love my family! My 6th grader loves reading, is smart and active (yay!) and my husband is my constant support and my best friend. We enjoy doing things together like road trips, Frisbee, boardgames, Billiards, Rockband and making our first home "home." I enjoy photography, cooking (especially with hidden fruits & veggies), computer design, playing piano, Yoga, and gardening (if anything grows here) I love the outdoors & spending time in the SUNSHINE ( I miss you, Sun). I love camping, hiking, swimming, fishing (although I am impatient..maybe I should try fly-fishing). I love animals & have grown up with pets of every kind...dogs, cats, fish, rats, hamsters, turtles, iguanas...rock. Never a bird. Hmmm.... We currently have a cat that meows in the wee hrs of the morning & a pair of 3 month old Cockapoo puppies that are destroying my house. (how fun!)

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was raised in the church, when I was 12, I decided to stop attending. My life took a quick downward spiral from that point. Only after being blessed with my son at the beginning of my senior year in high school did I start to get the feeling that "we" were missing something. With life very rocky nearly a decade after I gave up on religion, I started sending my 2 yr old boy to church with my mom & eventually started going myself. I was welcomed by all with love and open arms. It has been almost 10 years since then & although my life is not free of trials, I am happy. I know that my Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ know me, love me & want me to be happy. I know that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins (I had many) and made it possible for us to be forgiven and return to live with our Father in Heaven again. I believe so fully in the power of prayer. I have been blessed so much from prayer. I know that I can turn to my Heavenly Father ANYTIME I need help and he is there for me. I am never alone. I know we have the opportunity to have the gift of the Holy Ghost with us at all times to comfort and to guide us. I know that the scriptures are true. The Bible along with the Book of Mormon and other holy scriptures are there for us to read and study while we learn, grow and increase our testimonies. I also know that there is more for us to learn that is found in the scriptures. God is not done teaching us and that is why he has his holy prophets on the earth today. I know that life has more meaning that the daily grind. We are here to be tested, to learn- both mentally and spiritually, and to strengthen relationships that we will take with us to our Heavenly Home. I know if we live righteously, my husband & I (with our future children) can be together forever. I also know that hearts can be softened & doors opened so our son now can also be sealed to us for time and all eternity. I also know that this plan of happiness is available to all that desire it.

How I live my faith

Every day I try and try to be a better person. I try to be loving & honest with my family, coworkers, neighbors, even strangers and am constantly mentally correcting myself about how I can be more like my Savior Jesus Christ. I try to be a good member of my family. I love each of my family members so much and want them to be happy. I try to teach by example and hope that I can help them stay on the strait and narrow path leading to eternal happiness. My family and I attend church together, read scriptures daily and have morning and evening family prayers. We think of ways to improve our family unity and we hold Family Night once a week which give us a chance to learn and teach a gospel topic in the comfort of our own home. We are also careful about media we view & try to keep our home a safe haven from the difficult world we live in. I yearn for more spiritual knowledge. I have been waiting so eagerly for General Conference when we can listen to prophets & apostles teach us the messages that our Heavenly Father has for us. I am more excited than I am for Christmas or my birthday. Not only do I seek learning for myself & my family I also teach other members of my Church as well. Currently I teach a fun bunch of 4 yr old children. I love hearing their responses to the teachings that I relay to them & am so grateful when the spirit can touch their hearts and I know that they feel the love of their Heavenly Father. I have had many opportunities to serve in my Church. I have spent 99% of the time with the youth (3-12 yrs old) I have taught multiple age groups and served in positions where I can teach multiple ages (at the same time!). I have also worked with the Cub Scouts.Also, I spend time with a few of the other ladies in our Church each month. It is our way to teach each other & be there for when our Church members need help. We are always eager to serve each other. I am grateful to be a part of the true gospel of Jesus Christ that has been restored the earth