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Hi I'm Ehren

I have spent life on the move and finally settled in Salt Lake City, single, professional writer, art historian and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I have spent a lifetime trying to figure my self out and find I am able to discover my true self through that which is cultural and ultimately spiritual. Art and spirituality can both be appreciated at a similar cognitive level of investigation to seek for truth and the nature of what may not seem at first apparent. The more intensely you appreciate art the more profound the experience and that is the nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The beauty of truth and the truth of beauty is that there is no end to it and it is a very personal journey. I am intensely creative and I express myself best through writing, which I do professionally as a fashion writer as well as a publishing art critic, something I have done here in Utah since graduating with an MA in art history and "Italy and the Classical Tradition" at the University of Reading in England in 2004. I may be single but I am all about family and that has kept me true for 38 years. Many of these years have been a seemingly insurmountable struggle but I enjoy discovering a nuanced life as I learn and grow through trials. My devotion to the gospel brings me peace to manage my challenges and bring perspective as I realize the things of this world that are fleeting and those that last, something also very integral to the concept of art in the histories... the ideas of permanence and transcendence, something we are challenged with everyday... we find ourselves only to overcome our limits once more to endure to the end.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of the Church all of my life but really became converted when I saw it working in my life. This happened as I first turned my will over to my Heavenly Father and then started achieving balance. Then came an inward fire of calm, which is the Holy Ghost, working in my life, giving me more insight, more wisdom and more control over my choices. I discovered through the power of prayer, scripture study and contemplation that reality is not cars and computes and big screen TVs, these will pass, as will time, and what is left is eternity and essentially God and Family and that is what I seek. I have found through service, a key principle in the gospel of Jesus Christ, a surer sense of self and I have found also, I believe the greatest gift, humility. The blessings that have been poured upon myself and my family are real and are an oasis of joy in a confusing existence. The gospel of Jesus Christ found in the Church brings clarity and it brings hope. It also brings peace and it brings this to any who seek it, no matter who you are, as long as you are doing what you KNOW is right and good you can find peace in this Gospel. Finding security in the Church has given me a sacred blessing that I hold dear and that is to know truth. Truth takes strength, growth, maturity, knowledge, wisdom and surpassing your limits to believe in that which is not seen. This is faith and I know that all of the truths that I find as a Latter Day Saint will lead me closer to the greatest good and that is to be with my eternal family and my Heavenly Father, forever. The LDS faith and being a Mormon promises me that in this life I cannot be perfect, this mortality is flawed and as long as I do my utmost God will be pleased and that is so because of the atoning sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ who I accept as my Lord and Savior, the key stone of my faith.

How I live my faith

I live in an inner-city with much diversity and many walks of life and many faiths. I try to represent mine the best I can. I want to, at all times and without reproach, stand for everything that my faith believes in and signifies. I want to emanate the very best in virtue so when someone may ask or if it is said of me that I am Mormon I can hold my head high. I want to be a missionary and to let others know how amazing it is to find peace, truth and salvation in this world, especially when you can always be yourself, the best self possible, and build on your strengths and talents as God wants you to. I hold no calling in life above my Church calling. I am membership clerk in my ward, meaning, I handle the records involving new memberships, incoming members, updating records with sacred ordinances like baptism and marriage. This is truly a blessing in my life, something I know the Lord has prepared me for and I esteem it gratefully and with honor. Service is a cornerstone of being LDS and one cannot know the blessings of service until one serves freely and with a glad spirit. To give is blessed but it is true that there are immeasurable blessings promised that are received in the spirit of service. One of my favorite ways to serve is to fellowship, be it in my ward on Sundays with friends or new members or people in the supermarket or passing someone with a smile or a kind glance. This kind of thing gives life so much savor. My most valued relationships that will last through the eternities are with my family. I honor my Father and Mother and she has been my best friend for 18 years. I am the second eldest of four men and two women and one cannot be more blessed to have such people in one's life! They have provided me with 11 going on 12 nieces and nephews which is my greatest joy. I seek honesty and the example of Jesus Christ in all of my dealings above everything.