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Hi I'm Nicole

I am a domestic violence and rape crisis advocate. A community volunteer. A wife and mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to do a little bit of everything, and I am an expert at nothing. Religion and philosophy has always been fascinating to me. I love working in the community from PTA, to moms' clubs, to homeless, half way houses, abuse survivors of all types from physical to sexual abuse, working with elderly, and substance abuse people. I like to know the people in my community, and my community's strengths and weaknesses. It is important for me to love and help as many people as I can get my hands on. I love being a mother to three beautiful girls who are feisty and have great personalities. They never kick and scream when I drag them along to help others, they get to participate as well. My husband has been a great support to me in my ventures, we do not plan much we unfortunately live by the seat of our pants. I enjoy being with my family, reading comedies, and watching comedies. I try to avoid serious subjects in my entertainment, because there is already too many serious things I encounter. I enjoy teaching in Church when I get the chance.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I am specifically a Mormon. I think it started in Primary I had a super duper testimony. Then my teenage years came up and I had serious doubts. The path I was heading down was as dangerous as it can get for that age group. The Church gives a great support group for the youth. Everyone in the ward is cheering the youth on. I had some amazing leaders that God put into my life that never judged the dumb decisions they always made me feel like I was loved. They knew that I knew what was right, so they never lectured me about my decisions they just kept on inviting and teaching. I had one youth leader that was a rebbelious teenager, and she told us her story, and it gave me strength that I could overcome. I always had an impression of her that she must have always been perfect, but she told us her struggles, and she was an amazing teacher. I know the Lord was rooting for me because He kept on putting people in my life to straighten me up. I continue to be strong because of the everyday miracles, and lessons that I learn, through my husband, children and my life. I try to picture how my kids would look like if I had continued down that path, it would not have been pretty.

How I live my faith

I live my faith, by trying to live in a Christian way. I think that Jesus Christ taught so many great principles in the scriptures, that I really needed to try it out. I feel deep in my heart that God trusts me, and that is a very important thing for me not to break. He knows me, and I have a good relationship with Him. I try to live my faith by first being a Christian above all other things. Learning to be a Mormon comes with first learning how to be a Christian to the very center of your soul. I live my faith by trying to be a tool in God's hands. I try to live it by spreading love, love is so underutilized in our Country. I love surprising people with the love and respect that we owe to each other. I have found the people that are the least lovable are the most surprised by love. I love asking questions to myself about how much can my faith be tested. And I have to be constantly questioning the depths of my devotion to Christ. It has to go beyond the typical biasis that we have of those that are least amongst us. I love the saying are we not all beggers. I love to picture myself as a begger, I am no different then that individual, I will always be begging and pleading for Salvation. There will never be a time when I won't.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

We stop it by stopping it first within our selves, then our families, and then in our local communities, and so on. Women and Men can both participate in pornography women more with romance novels, and men with images. We need to stop hiding our sins and confess. Pornography is a shameful thing, but it is more shameful when it destroys your family and your life. So before it gets it's full claws into you confess. Many people that do pornography are not inherently evil, sometimes 90 percent of them is good, so they justify their sin. The addict can be helped if wives, fathers, family members do not keep it quiet. Get into a group therapy, and you will realize you are not alone. Do not believe what satan tries to make you believe that you are too evil to be helped. Get help it may be shameful at first but it will be worth it. Then once you have stopped doing pornography continue to advocate against pornography by helping others get through their addiction. Your story will be essential to others that have lost their faith in helping themselves. I honestly feel like if we cannot stop pornography in our families how can we help the community. We need to make sure we know which video games, movies, influences we are exposing ourselves and our children to. Require yourself as a parent to know about the technology that is being used in your home, or just don't let it be in your home. There are many things like cell phones that we think are innocent, can be used as evil Show more Show less