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Hi I'm Jack

I grew up in rural Kentucky. My dad is a Baptist minister. I joined the church 11 years ago, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up in an extremely poor and rural area of southeastern Kentucky taught me the value of work, delayed gratification, and service. I have drawn on those lessons my whole life. Selflessly serving others has brought me great happiness, whether it is serving my family, my neighbor, a stranger, or my community. I strive daily to teach this less to my children. I am a stay at home working dad (accountant and real estate investor) with five children. I am thankful to have a wife that maintains the same values I do. After high school, I worked for a few large companies for a number of years. Then, I attended Ball State University, where I earned two Bachelor Degrees (accounting and property management) and an MBA, graduating Cum Laude in just 4.5 years. While attending school, I managed a local homeless shelter for men, and served as Treasurer or President for numerous honor fraternities and community organizations. Today life is busy with family, sports, and other activities, but I've learned to prioritize quite well. Family activities come first, and where possible, are an integrated part of my service activities. I have been an active leader in Cub and Boy Scouts for more than 10 years (with both LDS and United Methodist chartered scout groups). I am involved in local politics. I lead many efforts annually to support local charitable and service organizations. I love serving my family, community, and church.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up attending a "Bible Church" in rural Kentucky. Other members of my family were "Old Regular Baptists" & just plain Baptists. My father was a Baptist minister. I’d heard of Mormons, but thought they were the Amish. When I left KY, the first friend I made happened to be a Mormon. We occasionally discussed religion, but for the most part, I was fine living without it. He left on a mission then moved out of state & I didn't see him for many years. After a few years of marriage & going my own way without religion, I began thinking about the example I would be setting for my future children. I wanted to raise my children to value service & be happy in life. I set out on a search of which religion I felt would best teach them the morals I valued. After visiting many denominations & observing their members behavior inside the walls of the church & in their real day-to-day lives, I noticed a real disconnect between the way they acted on Sunday & the rest of the week. I saw much hypocrisy. The hypocrisy and confusion I saw in so many other churches was not evident in the Mormon church. Those families actually were happy. They served happily in their church, & for no pay I might add. They served each other out of charity, not obligation or for appearance sake. I ask the Mormon missionaries to teach me about their religion, about why their members were different than those I saw in other churches. I prayed about the message & received the witness of its truth by the power of the Holy Ghost. I was baptized. The day I became a member of the church, was the same day we learned that my wife was pregnant with our 1st child. I’ve never questioned the will of God in my life since that day, & continue to live every day by faith, with real knowledge that there is a purpose for my life. I know that God knows & loves me. I am his child & will live with him again. I now have a happy life, wife, & 5 kids learning the principles I had hoped we would.

How I live my faith

I have only been a member for 11 years, but have served my church since I joined. Initially, I served the youth through scouting and as a record keeper for the youth program. Later I was asked to maintain the financial and membership records for my local congregation. After serving in this capacity for a while, I was asked to serve in the council (called the Bishopric) that leads the congregation (as guided by the spirit through prayer). Serving in these capacities has given me the confidence and skills to serve in my community in other volunteer, leadership, and political roles. My participation in the church has certainly shaped my professional life and been a big contributor to its success. The lessons learned through serving have also helped me grow in faith. Often, I had no idea how to perform some of the tasks asked of me. But, I learned them and performed them to the best of my ability. I have discovered that the principles taught in the church through doctrine and service are universal truths that guide my professional life and service outside of the church. I have attended hundreds of professional and motivational seminars and conferences, but none have come close to teaching the life lessons learned by continuous service through the LDS church. While service may at times seem like work, I have never regretted any I have given. I have always become better for it, and for having the faith to serve selflessly. I would credit the church for the happiness I now have in my family life, for guiding my decision to complete my education, & for the instant friendships & feeling of belonging no matter where I travel or live. I am eternally grateful that it has taught me the purpose of life, that I know what happened before I came to earth & what will happen when I leave this mortal life. I live my faith through constant selfless service to my fellow man, whether it is at church, in my community, or through my profession.