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Hi I'm Eric

I'm a dentist. I love NCAA Wrestling, especially Penn State. I love to play golf, spend time with my family, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm almost 37 years old and the proud father of 5. We had 4 girls in a row, and then a baby boy. They are an amazing part of my life. I love sports. I have yet to find a sport that I don't like to play. Now that my body is reaping the rewards of many little injuries through the years, I have to be a spectator instead of a player alot of the time. It's hard to accept, but I'm grateful for the good health I have and the many years I was able to enjoy playing. I went to Dental School in San Francisco, spent three years in the army in Louisiana, Five and a half years in Arizona and now live in my home town in Colorado. We had our first girl in Utah, our second in California, third in Louisiana, fourth girl and first boy in Arizona. Some of my favorite things to do include camping, shooting guns and archery, hiking, golfing, watching college wrestling, watching movies, playing board games, and just spending time with those who are close to me. I love summertime. The hotter the better! I hope to go to Hawaii someday. My favorite vacation ever was a trip to Alaska, it was awesome! I love to listen to good music. I wish I played a musical instrument or could sing well. My favorite instrument to hear is the flute, especially when combined with the piano. My favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night, and love Celine Dion's version. I love cars, my dream car has always been a Lamborghini!! I will never own one, have never driven one, but I can dream!!

Why I am a Mormon

Jesus Christ is certainly the very center of my life. I cannot even imagine living life without a knowledge of Him. I learn so much about my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as I interact with my kids. To think that of all of His billions and billions of children my Father knows me personally even better than I know my kids is amazing. I have seen and felt his blessed hand helping and blessing me so many times throughout my life. Countless times I have found myself in a problem that has become impossible for me to fix. EVERY TIME I have turned to Him. Whether sooner or later, He has ALWAYS stepped in and made the impossible solution seem so effortless! He amazes me!!! As I feel distanced from Him because of choices I make, I am overwhelmed with His love and patience as I turn to Him and feel Him draw close to me as I seek to be close to Him. I know that I can only thank my Savior Jesus Christ for making repentance possible and for giving me hope. Hope to become clean again each time I sin. Hope to become as He is. It makes my heart want to sing when I see little glimmers of Him start to develop within me. I know that because of Him, what He did, and His constant help I will ultimately become the kind of person He is. Kind, patient, full of pure love for those around me. Clean, pure, and holy. I yearn to have the same passion and excitement for spiritual things that I have for worldly things such as golf and NCAA wrestling! I have an absolute hope and knowledge that this conversion WILL happen in my life if I show Him by the way I daily live that those are my desires. He will help me. How can I fail to change with Him helping me?!! My hope is firmly rooted in Him. I know that He will lead me to my Heavenly Father and that I will be clean as I stand before my Father to be judged. Because of my Savior, and only because of Him, I have a hope of Eternal Life. I love Him so much, and express my eternal gratitude for Him.

How I live my faith

I love the way I feel when I serve others with nothing in return for me! It's a greater reward than anything else just to feel the gratitude of others, the approval of the Lord, and my own personal satisfaction. Right now I am the basketball coach for the young men ages 14 to 18. It's a blast! I love to visit people in their homes, especially those who don't expect anyone to come. There's nothing better than seeing the gratitude in someone's eyes for taking time out of our own life to visit them and give of ourself to them! Although sometimes I don't do well, I always try to be a good example to others no matter where I am. I have had situations where I interact with someone who is angry. As I don't mirror their anger that is focused at me, I have seen amazing changes. Many times their whole demeanor calms down and they apologize for their behavior. I have interacted with others who are in real need of comfort. As I have prayed to be able to offer them what they need I have been amazed to have the Lord bless and comfort their soul through me. I love feeling that He has used me to touch someone else! Those opportunities are all around us if we will seek the Lord's guidance they will surface in our day to day interactions with others just as they did during His mortal life. He was always presented with opportunities to help and serve others, and we can have the same things happen to us! I want to always show the Lord that I desire to be His helping hand!