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Hi I'm Sheyann.

I'm an adoptive mother, a foster mother, an Idaho farm girl, a Registered Nurse, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Taber, Idaho. What is in Taber, Idaho? Absolutely nothing. And absolutely everything. 30 miles west of the nearest modern town, Taber was once a turn of the century farming community. Now, it is acres upon acres of farm land, sage brush, and the location of my childhood home. With wide open fields of potatoes, alfalfa, and wheat, magnificent blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and crisp, clean air, my parents taught me about everything from Jesus Christ and his creation of the Earth to manners to science to the instillation of a noble work ethic. Our closest neighbors were our extended family members, and they lived at least a mile away. A child free to roam, free to learn about her surroundings, and play with her brothers and sisters cannot help but be happy. Some of my favorite memories are of grand bicycle-riding adventures, building mud pies, exploring through "uncharted" wheat fields, and working along side my family members. Living far from conviniences like grocery stores and friend's houses, we learned to be frugal, plan and prepare, and forged close bonds with our siblings and parents. I am an Idaho farm girl. Those are my roots. Despite moving away from Taber, marrying my college sweetheart, finishing our educations, adopting a son, and living in a more rural area, where the closest grocery store is 4 blocks away, I will always be an Idaho farm girl at heart.

Why I am a Mormon

With parents as kind and as loving as mine, I was able to trust them from the second I entered this world. When they taught me as a small child about Heavenly Father and Jesus, I believed them. Not only because it felt right, but because I could see the truth of their words in their actions. Naturally, as I matured, I had to make my own decisions, made mistakes, and had to truly seek out my own beliefs as I became confident in my own identity. As I sought my my own identity and beliefs, I was able to feel and see the power of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in my life, each day. Every question I asked was answered through the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the scriptures, just as my parents had taught for so many years. Everything that I felt was truly important in life, like my family, being able to be with my family forever, being able to find forgiveness and repentance, and more were key elements of the teachings of this church. Now, as a mother, each day as I teach my dear toddler son and strive to help him learn and grow, I find myself relying wholeheartedly on my beliefs, teachings of my Savior, and the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

When I look at my favorite places and people on Earth, I see and appreciate the beauty around me. I know that my Heavenly Father is the supreme creator and has given this Earth, with it's abundant beauty, to us, His children for our learning and growth. When I wake up and see the magestic profile of the distant Teton mountains or when I look at my son's radiant smile, I feel a spiritual witness of my Father in Heaven's love for me. Because of His unconditional love of me, taught to me by my parents from a young age, I feel the need to share His love with others. Because I'm not a woman of many words, I find it easier to show others my Savior's love through music, photography, and annonymous acts of kindness and service, being a loving mother, foster mother, a caring nurse, and as good of an example as I can be.