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Hi I'm Jim Nielson

I am a custodian at an Elementary School. I am known at my school as Magic Jim because I do magic tricks for the kids.

About Me

I am a Father of two boys and one girl, and since that have all grown and are out on their own, I enjoy spending time with the kids at my school. They are the highlights of my day. When they earn it, I enjoy doing magic tricks for them and being their very best friend and mentor as I can as many of the kids come from broken homes. I try to treat every student, from Kindergarten up through 6th grade, no matter what shape, color, race, whether boy or girl like they are my own children. And since I get to see each one for only 30 minutes before I send them home, I am friends with all of them, and they are friends with me. I think that everyone of the kids at my school are amazing in their own right and enjoy taking an active part in their education.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born in the Church, for the first 19 years I pretty much took my membership for granted as well as my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It was at that time that I dedicated my life by serving a mission which transformed my life and my walk with God. From that point on, I have enjoyed the blessing, protection, and guidance from the Lord on a daily basis as I have always tried to live worthy of the Holy Ghost. Perhaps an example, when I return home from my mission, I got a job working graveyard shift at a convenience store. I started dating a young lady and decided to pray and fast that night to see if she was the one that I should marry. While I worked through the night, I had a prayer in my heart for the answer as to whether this girl was the one. I was feeling the spirit strongly, that is until a man came in with a gun and put it to my head. To make things worse, there had been stories around our town of other clerks who had gotten shot and killed during my shift. I quickly complied with his commands and gave him all the money. He then waved the gun in my face and gave me special instructions before he left. I was shaking when he left, but I felt the peace of the Holy Ghost within my heart. The police were called, however it took them a good 10 minutes to get to my store. When they arrived, the found the robber outside of the store, trying to start his motor cycle. They all got in place with their guns drawn and then his motor cycle started. He gave it the gas, the bike went up so high that it fell back on him. He was arrested. I bet he'll never rob someone who is fasting and praying again. Truth is, I wish I had more space, I could tell you of many, many stories where I was led, guided or protected from on high. I cherish my membership and my relationship with my Heavenly Father because as times get tougher, and as I get older, I have learned that I can always count on my Heavenly Father at all times and in all places.

How I live my faith

The highlight of my week is coming home from church on Sundays and cooking a large banquet for the homeless people of our town. I have always enjoyed cooking and serving others. My daughter and I started this a year ago, and only started with 20 or so people, but now it has grown to 60 or 70 people. We explain to our homeless friend that we are serving our best food, because God gave us his best in his Son Jesus Christ. In the past we have served steak and chicken fajitas, sweet and sour chicken, home made pizza, roast beef sandwiches, chicken Salad sandwiches, apple crisp, blackberry cobbler, as well as ice cold soda or water. We do this with no strings attached, just because we love them and the scriptures tell us that we should. However, since my daughter has gone away to school, I have been doing it with 4 missionaries, 2 of which speak Spanish. This has been a great blessing in my life as we are getting an opportunity to meet so many amazing people. There are days when entire families come through the line who claim that they haven't eaten for days. Sometime I will even do magic tricks for entertainment, but I explain that these tricks are just illusions, and that my real power comes from my faith in God, and through the power of prayer, and living an obedient life. It is through serving these amazing people that I get to share that which is most important in my life. My testimony of Jesus Christ. Over the last year I have had a chance to talk to hundreds of people, and now, it isn't only the homeless that come to eat, but anyone who comes by, because we serve our best. The buying, preparing, and prep work all happens on Saturday, but the cooking and serving happens on Sunday so everything is fresh and hot. This is the highlight of my week because as Paul said in Romans- "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." I don't do this because it is my calling, as I am a Sunday School teacher. I do it because I love my Savior.